Saturday, August 8, 2015

On the Donald

I'm starting to like Trump. I like his brash "up your ass attitude" because he reminds me of yours truly. I especially like how he took Megyn Kelly to task about her bias against him. I,too am getting tired of this feminist politically correct bullshit attitude which implies that all women must be treated like regal queens. Kelly got bent out of shape over it along with Carly Fiorina. Okay,Carly how about the workers at Hewitt Packard that lost their jobs and paychecks over you. The same time they got reduced paychecks you were getting pay raises. I'm sure Fiorina has no problem with the MALE workers that were screwed over by her decisions. Fiorina thinks she is a business woman. Ha,she is a business liability. If she is elected she will be a national liability next to Obama. This has caused little pussywhipped assholes like Erick Erickson to get bent out of shape thus Erickson disinvites Trump to a RedState speaking event. That is a stupid move because now a lot of people will probably cancel their trip because they probably wanted to go to see Trump but if he's not there they'll thinking why bother. Fiorina and Kelly have to figure out whether they are big girls and can take it or they are little girls who have to succumb to male authority. Erickson has to figure out whether his wife is a big girl and can take a little criticism. If she is a little girl then she should be under male authority. If she is a little girl that makes Erickson a pedophile.

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