Thursday, August 13, 2015

On second thought

I was watching Hannity on 8-13-15 in which Sean Hannity interviewed Donald Trump. Gender issues came up and Trump said that he takes a lot of advice on women's issues from his daughter,who sounds pro-feminist. Also he said there are positive things about Planned Parenthood. Those right there are two red flags with me. If he takes advice about women's issues from his daughter chances are he will be hostile to the Men's Rights Movement. this is a game changer. Where does Trump stand on Men's Issues? Let's ask him on his facebook page how he feels about Men's Issues. He is leading in the polls right now so we should know where he stands on gender issues so let's ask him.


Jeremiah Wesley said...

This article is strong and interesting to read.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Instead all we get is media uproar over Megyn Kelly's lame questions to Trump about "negative" statements he’s made in the past about women.