Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hockey player is blackmailed but doesn't care.

Hockey player Jaromir Jagr, who currently plays for the NHL’s Florida Panthers, has gotten himself involved in a sex scandal. But the reason it’s gone viral is that the 43-year-old simply does not care.

Jagr slept with an 18-year-old model, who took a selfie as he lay asleep in a bed.

Then she attempted to blackmail the hockey legend with the photo, saying that if he didn’t pay her $2,000, she would email it to the media.

His response, according to Yahoo!, was classic:

“I don’t care,” he said. “Do whatever.”

So, she sent the photo to media sources, who promptly published it.

It must be noted that Jagr is a single guy, so it doesn’t quite make sense why the model, purportedly named Kateřina Provazníková, would attempt to blackmail him with a post-coitus selfie.

However, the case thickens.

While Jagr may be unattached, the model is not. She is dating another hockey player, Domink Rudl.

While, Rudl has yet to respond, Jagr took to Instagram to comment on the matter.

Here is a translation, which was performed by a Reddit user:

“And here we have another photo from my privacy, except here nobody wanted to get paid for it, despite how good it is.”

“Maybe they couldn’t find out what her name is.”

“I forgot it too.”

“Who doesn’t know what this is about? Good.”

Provazníková has yet to comment on the matter.


This is awesome. I love this guy's response. That "fuck you,bitch I don't care what you do" attitude is refreshing. In a age where we are bombarded by pussies that apologize for everything male it is good to see a man come back with an attitude I would have taken. I wonder if he is a regular reader of this blog. It wouldn't surprise me if he is.

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Anonymous said...

Best comment on yahoo sports Was:
This should accelerate his entry into the Hall of Fame