Saturday, September 12, 2015

Only black female lives matter

Have you wondered WHY it's a BLACK Female's face on the "Black Lives Matter" posters ?

What is there to like about Black Women ?

Screwed if I know!

When they SAY "Black Lives Matter", they REALLY mean "Black WOMEN Matter", nothing more..

They have been riding on the coat tails of the white majority via endless and ever increasing "benefits". They have been singled out for obvious sexist and biased "education" with paid for programs, so they can attend some obviously useless college or university to study their own level of insecurity, their very own level of "VICTIMHOOD"..

On top of all that, black men and boys have been completely and entirely ignored and downtrodden, just to ensure those black privileged princesses can apply ever greater damage to their already negative image.

Such is the Black Female, that they now can use their free, "white" taxpayer paid subsidised education and use it to murder and riot against the very people that have supported and paid for their extravagant existence.

That's gratitude for you. Typical female..

One can understand why black guys avoid those toxic, malignant deviates like they are infected with some deadly plague. They obviously are effected by something as they continually demonstrate what level of toxic, disgusting and vile creatures they really are. They are sexist, racist bigots. Generating a list of benefits black women already receive, would begin with expletives, while running out of room as the list grows ever larger. of ever increasing size.

One would run out of expletives describing their unconscionable behaviour. Talk about taking everything for granted.

Now they are out to KILL the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg.

What level of moronity do these Black females live in ?

Exclusive: Law Enforcement Agencies On Alert For ‘Black Lives Matter’ Attacks On 9/11Law enforcement agencies are on high alert this week due to violent threats coming from the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to several Be On Look Out (BOLO) alerts sent from several law enforcement agencies and exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller, some members of the “#blacklivesmatter and #fyf911 are calling for the murder of more police officers on a site called blog radio.”

One caller on the show says, “When those mother f**kers are by themselves, that’s when when we should start f***ing them up. Like they do us, when a bunch of them ni**ers takin’ one of us out, that’s how we should roll up.” That caller goes on, “Cause we already roll up in gangs anyway. There should be six or seven black mother f**ckers, see that white person, and then lynch their ass. Let’s turn the tables.”

One BOLO says, “The narrator known as ‘King Noble’ on Facebook states: ‘It’s open season on killing whites and police officers and probably killing cops period. It’s open season. Picking them off. Today we live in a time when the white man will be picked off,” he goes on to claim “the predators are now the prey.’”

The BOLOs states further that the “#fyf911 (Fuk Yo Flag)” website calls for burning the American flag on 9/11 and “and physically breaking free of the imperialist, colonialist, and racist empires.”

Additionally, according to the BOLO’s description of the website, the plan also includes burning Confederate flags, police uniforms, and “ALL representations of organized evil and oppressive nations.”

The website says, “We also will be raising the Liberation flag and building on a new nation for the people. This is an INTERNATIONAL movement and a day of unity, progressive action, and liberation. To all OPPRESSIVE AND ORGANIZED EVIL after #FYF911 the people will not be bound to you any longer!”

The BOLOs also warns officers about a particular radio show. “A secondary organizer of the movement known as “Sunshine” has also indicated the same acts of violence (lynching and hanging) against white people and cops on her talk show radio, ‘Sunshine’s F***ing Opinion Radio Show.’”

Another BOLO shows a picture associated with the #FYF911 movement and “depicts a police officer hanging from a tree and Uncle Sam in a military uniform with a branch of the tree up his posterior end.”

The BOLO concludes, “states should heighten security measures to protect against possible protests and violence. Law enforcement and military personnel should be extremely vigilant and take extra safety precautions on 9/11.”


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