Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tea Party embraces the men's rights movement

Is This National Tragedy Being Caused by Radical Feminism?

Feminists have been quoted for years as saying, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” The male bashing has become prevalent, even normal, in our society.

Because of this, because of the hassle and frustration that feminism heaps upon men for being men, more and more men are now starting to avoid marriage.

Can you really blame them? Feminists need to ask themselves, “If someone abused me for just being who I am, would I want to spend time with them much less live with them?”

Now, mind you, I’m not talking about men being abusive (and the whole feminist argument that all sex is rape is ludicrous. If that were true, feminists wouldn’t have sex, heterosexual or homosexual). I’m not talking about men being cruel. I’m talking about men being men. You know, in general, more focused on accomplishment and making things happen in the physical world (as opposed to the relationship world) than women (this is not to say women don’t get things done or that women are less valuable than men. Just different, that’s all.).

So, men are avoiding marriage and, in essence, saying, “Okay, feminists, if you think you can handle it all yourself, if you want to figure out how to get pregnant without a man’s involvement in any way (good luck with that), if you want to take care of those children without a father’s involvement or influence, if you want to be the sole income provider in your household, if you want to truly be autonomous of men, you got it. Because I’ll go where I am valued for being who I am.”

Frankly, it’s a tragedy for our society. Our children need fathers just like they need mothers. Our women need husbands just like men need their wives.

This gender segregation being foisted upon us by the feminists will stop one way or the other: either because people wake up and appreciate the differences in gender and each other or because that culture of foolishness will die off because it can’t reproduce without both genders.


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