Thursday, November 26, 2015

Brave man takes out female terrorist

“Harmless” Female Terrorist Tries Stabbing Innocent Man… Instantly Gets 100mph Justice

Wilmot Proviso November 24, 2015 at 7:43am

A female Palestinian terrorist tried killing Israeli pedestrians in one of the latest knife attacks in the beleaguered country. However, a driver quickly came to the rescue, running over the woman with his car.

And, while it didn’t quite happen at 100 miles per hour, it certainly must have felt that way for the victim, as justice was swiftly delivered.

The incident, one of a series of such attacks, happened on Sunday in the West Bank town of Samaria. At about 9:15 a.m., a Palestinian woman began attacking Israelis with a knife in Brigade Square, according to WND.

The damage could have been much worse had it not been for a hero named Gershon Mesika. Mesika, the former head of an Israeli settlement group called the Samaria Regional Council, was driving nearby when he caught sight of the woman conducting the attack. In an instant, he knew what he had to do.

“I heard someone shout ‘terrorist’ and run toward a girl from Har Bracha, wielding a knife,” Mesika said in an interview with Army Radio. “I made a quick decision: I veered to the right and slammed into her.”

“A soldier then came and finished it,” Mesika added.

The terrorist was initially described as in serious condition, but was later pronounced dead.

The attacks have taken a toll on the Israeli population. According to the Times of Israel, an 18-year-old Israeli was killed on Monday. Another Israeli was also killed in a knife attack on the same day the Samaria attack took place.

The attacks have even taken the life of Americans — Ezra Schwartz, an 18-year-old from Boston, was killed Nov. 19, and Richard Lakin, a 76-year-old peace activist died Oct. 27 from wounds suffered in a bus attack in Jerusalem on Oct. 13.

These are the “harmless” widows that President Barack Obama says we shouldn’t be afraid of. If Obama and American liberals think that we can judge threats by gender, they have another thing coming.


Not just Obama but Bill O'Reilly too. O'Reilly said he wouldn't allow muslim men into the country but he would allow women and children. Like most western castrati Obama and O'Reilly underestimate women at the expense of everyone else. Also Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also said he will only allow muslim women and children into Canada. Canada is finished,stick a fork in it. The United States on the other hand may stand a chance with a lot of American Governors stating they won't allow them into their respective states. Obama is threatening to withhold federal funds if these governors do not agree with him. Let's see what happens. Stay tuned.

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