Monday, February 15, 2016

AVFM versus Roosh

If you've been following the manosphere as of late there is a feud between Dean Esmay of A Voice For Men versus Roosh from Return Of Kings. The funny thing is that A Voice For Men is joining with feminists to bury Roosh on alleged rape charges. Roosh has denied said charges and stated he only engages in consensual sex. He even said Anonymous got involved persecuting him. I've been waiting for Anonymous to fuck the pooch and they did. Anonymous is now synonymous with organized online bullying and terrorizing people. Anonymous demands redemption from others but will they make right what they did or are they just bullies too? No better than those they condemn. Anonymous is busted. Getting back to Esmay,Roosh is right,Esmay is not much of an MRA. From what I hear Esmay tried game and got shot down that is why he is pissed at Roosh. I wasn't there when Esmay was using game so I can't critique him but I do know that game minus confidence is a guaranteed way to get shot down. I don't know if this is the case but it is the most common mistake men make. Esmay did the same things others did from the British House of Commons to the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott to the feminists that Esmay agrees with. They all persecuted Roosh. Esmay could have critiqued Roosh independently but to join forces with feminists is treasonous to me and Roosh is right in calling out Esmay on it. Esmay is a confessed liberal Democrat. That alone should place him on the list of misandrists because the Democrats are in reality the Femocrats. If you have doubts look at their support for Hillary Clinton. I've had my differences with A Voice For Men especially with Paul Elam who once told me to mend fences yet he is the biggest bridge burner in the manosphere. Esmay made the following statement: And every MRA I know views him Roosh as a crackpot, a loon, a con artist and snake oil salesman, and a self-serving liar and weasel...
Source How presumptuous of you Esmay. I have to say I back Roosh on this one. Roosh has stayed consistent while A Voice For Men goes through editorial changes every three months. Don't only that but A Voice For Men diplomats are a bunch of rude dumbshits who go to other MRA websites and act like they own the place. They did that at Antimisandry. Roosh,on the other hand,has welcomed those of us who are MRA's and he doesn't censor people,unlike A Voice For Men,which has turned into an echo chamber thanks to the current management at A Voice For Men.

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