Monday, February 29, 2016

Fuck Ted Cruz

I have received word that Senators Ted Cruz,Mike Lee and Marco Rubio have voted against legislation that would required women to sign up for Selective Service. They have no problem sending your sons,nephews and other male relatives to die but god forbid one of their little cunt angels gets her hands dirty. Women want more of a free ride from men,at men's expenses, and these buttheads are more than happy to hand it to them. Fuck these assholes. As it stands we are not endorsing anyone.


Anonymous said...

Cruz is one of the few senators that refuse to Sign VAWA legislation.
It is unlikely women will be drafted in the near future, no reason for cruz to alienate his religious base.
Cruz will shork gov and limit progressives... whether he intends it or not, he creates a better environment for men.

Masculist Man said...

You make some excellent points. It's just the draft issue is a hot button issue with a lot of MRA's myself included. We've fought long and hard on this issue,for the public to take it seriously. I know Cruz opposed it because it was PC but I supported it and fought for its passage because I am tired of male disposibility. Especially if we are headed toward a matriarchy and why should any man lay down his life for a matriarchy?

Speaking of religious groups ever notice feminists and religious people will team up for a specific cause? It's like they think alike and they do: they are both misandric.