Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fuck Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump

What are most wealthy,white girls if not feminists. We've seen that here. So why should a rich bitch born with a silver dildo up her cunt be any different? The answer is she is the same as the rest. The one I'm going to rant on in this post is Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump. Ivanka is pushing her father to implement her version of maternity leave if he gets elected. Ivanka's scheme is the same as the rest-giving women a break while adding to men's burdens. Who is going to end up paying for this scheme of Ivanka's? Yep,you the taxpayer. Who is going to benefit from this? It won't be the remaining employees (read men) who are not eligible for the "mommy break". Ivanka claims that she is looking out for poor people. Obviously she doesn't care about the single man or single father that has to raise his child(ren) on his own. No break for him because he doesn't have a vagina. On tonights "Kelly File" on Foxnews Ivanka revealed this and more: that she married a successful man. Of course she did. Men who do not meet the standards of narcissistic little girls are invisible to them. Ivanka talks about the middle class or those living paycheck to paycheck but she has never been one. She has no idea what being poor is all about. Perhaps she should be a good little girl,shut the fuck up and stop interrupting men as we try to solve the nation's problems.

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