Thursday, September 1, 2016

Misogynist 2

They say that since I am a misogynist that I am oppressive and not understanding of women. That is not true. Most of the misogynists are women themselves. They hate each other. I am not oppressing these women nor am I misunderstanding them. They don't like each other. I've heard MRA's praise masculinity and feminists preach these supposed virtues of women and it turns out the MRA's were sincere. I look at it this way: it's straight from the horse's mouth. If they don't like each other because of their twisted way of seeing things why should I trust them? Why should any man? Like I said I can look positively at my masculinity. I know we are a good gender. I can say that and mean it. Women OTOH are not quite so sincere. But this is what happens. Your jerk girlfriend is no better than the jerk boyfriend (according to her) she complains about. If the I were to sit down with this supposed "jerk boyfriend" I would find that he is actually a cool guy in a bad situation. Jerk girlfriend OTOH lives up to her name. I not saying this is true 100% of the time and there are true male jerks but for the long run they don't last.

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