Saturday, October 27, 2018

Josh Hawley for U.S. Senator for Missouri

Here is our chance to unseat feminist Claire McCaskill. Josh Hawley is the Republican challenger. McCaskill is a hard line misandrist so she has to go. Do you guys in Missouri want to be represented by someone who backs Kavenaugh's accusers? If not vote for Josh Hawley to be your Senator.

UPDATE: It seems that most of Claire McCaskill's donations are coming from outside Missouri. Mainly from California. Also she is losing but the gap could be wider. In favor of Josh Hawley.

Little boys are also cannon fodder to McCaskill. Her anti-male hatred is so intense not even male children are safe.


Rob said...

She was beaten!

Masculist Man said...

Thanks to this campaign. Congrats to Josh Hawley for winning. Not only did Hawley win but so did the men of Missouri. Because of us a misandrist no longer holds any power over the way we live our lives. No longer is she able to be part of a group of Senators that amend laws to be misandric. Because of us feminism's stranglehold on the government is coming to an end.