Saturday, March 31, 2007

Get pedophiles? Get rapists? Or get men?

Hold the child up as the most important part of the state for the people will give up their rights for the child.- a paraphrase of Adolf Hitler.

All men are rapists. That is what they are.-Marilyn French.

I was watching "To catch a predator" on MSNBC and they inform the audience that the decoys that lure the men there are not cops but members of some vigilante webgroup called Perverted Justice . Guess what,it seems they only target MEN. In a day and age where WOMEN are violating children and getting insanely light sentences these assholes only target men. Here is some bullshit statistic from their site:

Between 1% and 6% of American men are pedophiles; for unknown reasons, very few women have

the disorder.

Source: American Psychiatric Association

So you can see the mentality of this group. In fact someone brought this up on Salon reader's reponses:

Anon Says:

January 30th, 2007 at 9:05 pm

Why doesn’t Dateline or Perverted Justice ever go after Women? Anyone ever just looked through Myspace and seen how many Bi- Women prey on the young girls?
Check it out. Look at the comments they leave on the YOUNG Girls pictures… that could be OUR Daughters. Many of my TEENAGE daughter’s friends get comments form WOMEN saying they would like to “Lick them all over”

I guess this is an official response from someone in perverted justice since they give the impression that they are. It sounds like a cop out to me:

No one of importance Says:

January 31st, 2007 at 8:09 am

Hi Anon,It’s not for lack of trying, let me assure you that. Remember, we can’t GO AFTER people. Legally, we have to wait for them to come after us. Since 2004, the organization has busted one woman. One. We also don’t profile people based on their sexual orientation (in this case, bisexuality), because doing so is not only discriminatory, but is also an exercise in futility, as doing so would remove all credibility from our organization and allow more pedophiles to roam free. In any case, I would report the stuff that you’ve been seeing to the police. You can make a difference as well.

So let me guess,they only go after straight guys then. Wait a minute. Aren't they targetting someone because of their sexual orientation? Yes,I believe they are. Are they being punished? No,no they are not. In fact they are rewarded with police involvement and community recognition. Now the police are in the act and they are able to scam $30,000 per victim or they put that man in jail and this seems to be good revenue generator,sort of like john stings and speed traps. They also boast about a high conviction rate but that is because they are civilians and there is no such thing as "civilian entrapment". This is an interesting way to conduct the law. They are basically "deputized" when helping the police but become civilians again when the case gets to court and it seems that they don't have to testify in court or else their anonymity is gone. This goes against due process and confronting witnesses against you as they only use the transcript from the chat room to persecute you. One of the men accused said that the decoy BADGERED him into meeting her. Can you say entrapment? Yep. Also a lot of what was featured in the show was one-sided diolouge,against the defendant as we wouldn't want to hurt the persecution's case now would we.

So what are these "good?" people at perverted justice like? Well,according to a watchdog group that keeps an eye on perverted justice called Corrupted Justice .

Here is a couple of excerpts from their site:

Two years ago, the only source of information about Perverted-Justice was the thoroughly "filtered" and often completely falsified information provided by Xavier Von Erck. Over the course of the past two years we have exposed his "historical alterations" on a regular basis - From his assertions that he did not knowingly employ minors in performing graphic sexual chats with men online, to his asinine statements that Perverted-Justice never makes mistakes, to the fact that the majority of Perverted-Justice participants have serious psychological or drug dependency issues. We have provided page after page of completely third-party-verifiable, irrefutable evidence that all is not as the PJ staff would have you

Unfortunately, their recent partnership with MSNBC and Dateline has only served to give them an air of legitimacy that they absolutely do not deserve. Of course Dateline, with more interest in ratings than truth, completely disregarded the pages and pages of incontrovertible evidence of serious wrongdoings by PJ that were sent to the program’s producers shortly after the first episode aired. It certainly wouldn’t do to have their ratings-generator exposed for the hackers, juvenile delinquents, drug abusers, social misfits and sexual fetishists that they really are…

So they are basically breaking the law themselves to catch others and it seems that their own back yards are cluttered as well but they only see other's behavior and never they're own.

Another misandrist is Julie Posey. She entraps men in chatrooms,she is a P.I. and part-time cop:(note: even the D.A. that is about to be mentioned has his wife montior so-called "molestors". Is she a cop or a convient way for him to skirt the law? I'll bet on the latter.

Check this out:

“Anytime I go into a chat room and portray myself as a young teen,” says Reserve Officer Julie Posey, who is currently with the Wellington (Kan.) Police Department, “I’ll be contacted by 20 to 40 men in the first few minutes. And they’re not saying ‘Hi, how are you?’ They’re saying, ‘Are you naked?’”

Posey began hunting predators almost 10 years ago as a civilian intern working with Mike Harris, an investigator at the Jefferson County (Colo.) District Attorney’s Office. At that time, Harris was frustrated that there were so few ways to be proactive when it came to preventing child sex assaults. He reasoned that sex offenders were probably hanging out in the same chat rooms that children frequented, and began looking for an Internet-savvy helper. He was put in touch with Posey, and their very first case resulted in the arrest and conviction of Robert Stude, a 36-year-old man who, after only a few Internet chats and phone calls, wired Posey $1,000 to bring her two fictitious kids to Kansas so that he could have sex with them.

Well,I guess we give women a free pass then,huh?

€œI can’t imagine any DA not wanting to do it,” says Posey. “They can see that there’s no entrapment; you’ve just got this guy blabbing on and on that he wants to have sex with a kid. You know he’s got child porn on his computer and, even if you can’t go with state charges, you can still go federal.”

And if that doesn't work in misandric persecution then try the "civil" route.

Harris, who is still tracking pedophiles online with his wife, Cassandra, reports a 100-percent conviction rate from his arrests, and every one of Posey’s tips and subsequent arrests have led to a conviction. Special Agent Don Condon of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, who has been actively seeking predators online for 10 years, also says that he has never personally lost one of these cases.

I doubt Harris' wife is a cop so there is no "police entrapment" there. Sounds like skirting the law to me.

Entrapment is rarely an issue, mainly because once officers have seized a suspected predator’s computer, they usually find so much other incriminating evidence that it buries the suspect in an avalanche of guilt and the majority of cases end in a plea. In almost every instance, the suspect is in possession of child porn; images, which often number in the thousands and are usually categorized by preference. In addition, many pedophiles keep pictures solely for trade, and they often save chat records and e-mail correspondence.

What happened to the "fruit of a poisoned tree" which made all evidence in that case NON-ADMISSIABLE because of it was "entrapment"? Oh well,I guess that died with the Constitution.

“The defense will occasionally try to attack the case prior to going to trial with, for instance, motions to suppress,” says Condon. “Or they may try to raise an issue as to how the evidence was gathered or how it was maintained.”

Uh,yeah,because cops alter things,with or without malice.

But these attempts are rarely successful, and few suspects choose to have a jury or judge view their explicit computer chat logs and the graphic photos of children engaged in sexual acts, especially since these predators quite often have families and sometimes high-profile careers.

Ah,yes,the shame factor. They use this in john stings too and they count on the shame causing the defendent to plead guilty.

The vast majority of predators are male. However, there have been cases of mothers willing to sell their children for sex and, oddly enough, McLaughlin’s first case in 1996 involved a woman who was meeting male teens online and participating in cybersex, phone sex, and actual meetings.

Did they treat her like they do the men or did they handle her with kid gloves? (guess which one I'm betting on)

These pedophiles cross all class, cultural, ethnic, and age boundaries. The Keene (N.H.) Police Department has arrested several teachers, a priest, a police officer, a psychologist,and many other prominent members of society.

Were these these teachers female? The vast majority that screw up are. A cop was busted too,how fitting. (That cop supported the matriarchy,he doesn't get my sympathy)

When asked to profile cyber predators, Condon issues a grim laugh. Then he says, “Male and alive.”

You fucking redneck. Resign from the department you're a disgrace.

“I do this because I was molested as a child,” says Posey, whose years of tracking pedophiles as a civilian inspired the 2003 television movie, “Defending our Kids: the Julie Posey Story,” and whose experience with a serial rapist at age 16 led to her chance meeting with Harris. “I want to prosecute these guys and make sure that they can’t victimize any more kids.”

Source: Police Mag

Does this woman go after female pedophiles by having someone pose as a young boy? Or does she just unleash her wrath upon men?


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Bob said...

Any real man would line those evil scum up and impale them. They are a witch hunt out to get straight normal men, and that's all they are.

Anonymous said...

Worst of all, these scumbags put innocent people at risk, by harassing family members of the accused. They are "perverted."

Anonymous said...

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