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Ah...Russian women

Carey Roberts

Shield Foundation Shelter Shakedown
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Bob Hartzog of Glendale, Ariz. was roused out of his slumber by a ringing phone. It was the cops. According to the policeman, Hartzog’s wife Valentina charged he had forced her to have sex and threatened to kill her. The officer, stationed outside of Hartzog’s home, ordered him outside.

Opening his front door, Hartzog found himself looking down the barrels of five loaded guns. Uncomprehending, he thought it must be a joke.

As Mr. Hartzog was hauled away to the police station, he spotted his Ukrainian-born wife in a parked car with another woman. He would later learn her accomplice was Olga Chaikheeva, a Russian immigrant who runs an abuse shelter called the Shield Foundation, located in nearby Phoenix.

As a bewildered Hartzog waited to be booked on charges of aggravated assault, little did he suspect at that very moment his house was being stripped of everything that could be pawned off in the Black Market – his passport, wallet, jewelry, computer, printer, the title to his Mitsubishi, and more, all worth about $15,000.

Within hours Valentina withdrew $2,500 from his bank account. The Mitsubishi was sold to a company called Quick Fleet Auto, a fly-by-night operation owned by Artt Smasch. By interesting coincidence, Mr. Smasch was the paramour of Olga Chaikheeva.

During the ensuing months Hartzog “sweated bullets,” as he told me, worried he might end up doing time for a crime he never committed. But he passed the polygraph test with flying colors and Valentina’s story didn’t hold up. A year later the D.A. dropped the charges.

But Hartzog never got his purloined property back.

Five years ago CBS 60 Minutes ran a program called Russian Roulette. The segment chronicled Russian women who dupe unsuspecting Australian men into marrying them. The show featured one Ivan Duhs. Falsely accused and summarily evicted from his home, the wife cleaned out the house, right down to the light switches and toilet roll holders.

Marriage scams are also widespread in the United States, but with a novel twist.

One immigration official describes the ploy this way: “Beautiful young women…entice a poor, unsuspecting 40-50-year old into marrying them, and then methodically proceed to ruin his life: calling 911 to report a wife-beating…going to a domestic abuse shelter and systematically documenting every step.” That’s exactly what happened to Bob Hartzog.

Now back to Olga Chaikheeva and her Shield Foundation.

According to its website, the Shield Foundation offers one-stop shopping for Russian immigrants: assistance with low-income housing, food stamps, Green Card, and Social Security numbers. And for women who aren’t happy in their marriages, the group provides legal help to procure protection orders and divorce decrees: .

But some say Olga’s well-meaning efforts go too far.

According to a complaint filed by the Arkansas Justice Center, the Shield Foundation is actually a “phony women’s abuse shelter.” Her Shield Foundation “intimidates the women to file an Order of Protection with the City and Municipal Courts against their husbands.” Then Ms. Chaikheeva “runs her well practiced drills on the husbands; tricking them into breaking the Orders, getting them arrested, making designs on their assets, etc.” And if the judge denies the petition, she will “take the wife to a different court and start over.” [ ]

The Shield Foundation’s tax records raise more eyebrows. In 2006 a company called Advance Alliance Management – which is not listed in the phone book, by the way — donated a two bedroom residence so the Shield Foundation could establish its own shelter.

But according to my sources, the house had belonged to Olga’s previous husband. When things went sour, Olga fabricated charges of aggravated assault. That got her the house and landed her ex- in the slammer.

Olga Chaikheeva has ruined enough lives and reputations that a number of persons have banded together to expose her scams.

One such person is Yefim Toybin, who legally immigrated to the United States in 1992 and now is a teacher and wrestling coach at a local high school. Married for 29 years, he told me, “We came to the United States for liberty and justice.”

Reveling in his new-found American dream, Toybin formed a cultural organization to help Russian immigrants assimilate into Western society. But Olga tried to take control of the fledgling group. When he demurred, the woman threatened, “You will regret not cooperating with us.”

Toybin told me stories like Bob Hartzog’s are not uncommon. So why does he go to pains to expose the corruption of the Shield Foundation? “I don’t want this country to experience the same thing that happened in my former country,” Toybin explains. “I want to protect justice, potential victims, and the future of this nation.”


There goes another myth about Russian women. Wait until these guys hit Russia and get a real lesson on what is going on.


Coffee Catholic said...

Holy smokes!! Now even Russian women are getting warped by the Feminist "victims of abuse" nonsense.

Anonymous said...

If you see a cop why don't you kill it?

Masc Man? You will help get rid of the "5 loaded guns" problem.

Everyone hates cops (sans the women who use them). Why aren't they dead yet?

Anonymous said...

This is why a western man should never bring a Russian or any other foreign women back here to the U.S. Feminism is a soul blighting menace that turns otherwise good women into gold digging, scam artists who ruin men's lives. It's better to go to her country and adopt her culture as your own. Don't bring them here, feminism is a lethal pathogen that is spread person to person the same way Smallpox and Ebola are, mere proximity is all that is needed!

Anonymous said...

Yes there are a lot of scams. Some of them try to get money out of men through the Internet. Here are a couple. You may be e-mailing a Russian girl and she asks help in getting you e-mails translated. So you are asked to pay translating cost. DON'T it's a scam.

Another is that they say they have brought a plane ticket to come to see you. Then they say they have had a tax demand and are short of money and ask you to send money for the ticket. She may even have a web site that looks completely legitimate that she directs you to where you can pay. DON'T, again it is another skilful scam.

In general don't bother with young beautiful Russian women who quickly start writing letter that tell you how much they love you etc. Also look carefully at these letters you will see they are quite long but never respond to anything that you have said. This is because they are just pre-prepared letter and probably been sent out to a lot of people.

I have see all the above. I can also tell you I did not fall for it.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, Russia, the Ukraine, and Eastern Europe are not exactly paradise. Some Slavs are criminal personalities by nature, just as every ethnic group has some natural criminals.

While these actions were obviously unethical and reprehensible, feminism is not necessarily the originating cause -- more likely, feminism was just the weapon of choice.

Masculist Man said...


These laws were created with the worst of intentions and that was what they are meant for and that is to hurt men. Feminists would screech bloodymurder if a woman were held for trial for these crimes. We've seen it with the Lorena Bobbitt case and others. Divorce laws,criminal law and civil law is under feminist control. We've seen feminist judges throw out men's rights that they would never to do with women,a latest example is the "ladies nights" case that was thrown out by a feminist judge.

Anonymous said...

I am of Slavic descent, and I agree Eastern Europe isn't a paradise, but neither is the West. It's being transformed into a Hell on Earth, and in both places there are people who are criminals by nature. Every barrel has bad apples in it, but some barrels, read societies have a lot more criminals per capita than others. That is why I would much rather marry a Russian woman in her country after courting her and getting to know her family first instead of bringing her here. Dating websites are by and large a scam, and meeting women over the Internet is just yet another way of locating trouble.

Masculist Man said...

Anonymous November 25, 2008 7:12 PM,

If you see a cop why don't you kill it? Masc Man? You will help get rid of the "5 loaded guns" problem.

Police represent the status quo and unfortunately the status quo is feminism and since it is the status quo we seen a lot of misandric draconian laws being passed,men's constitutional rights being trampled and men being persecuted yet there are men taking a stand and fighting back against the matriarchy that is out to get them.

Why aren't they dead yet?

They are. One story I read is where an FBI agent was killed recently.

Russian Dating said...

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Anonymous said...

Yefim Toybin on Dating Russian women is grossly challenging,(As Yefim Toybin has not Dated in 20+ years himself, and never in the US), and has it's problems, but by internet or through a "Company" which is a paid service, is downright stupid, and is dangerous to do for all involved. Yefim Toybin is the guy who initiated the writing of this article, and is himself a liar, and a hypocrite, since he himself calls all Russian women who marry in the US, or come to the US as a result of marriage: whores, so he introduced his best friend Yasha Gadaev ( Yasha From Russia store owner)in Phoenix, to a Russian Woman that Toybin himself "knew personally" from his days back in Moscow Russia. Yasha Gadaev has married this woman Tatiana here in the US, with assistance of non other then the cunniving old liar Yefim Toybin himself. So when Yefim Toybin approves and recommends a russian woman to come to the US to marry, that one woman is OK,( becouse the great pimp approves!) but all others, in any form are whores, according to Yefim Toybin the hypocrite, psycho and a liar, who conned the US School system in to giving him a Teachers Certificate, so he can abuse,corrupt and warp to stupidity young and impressionable minds of unsuspecting kids, Yefim Toybin, has never mentioned on his false US immigration documents, that he himself, a model of truth and justice Not! is realy an Old Communist, who at the time was very much against the US, and now is not only claims to be a "Legal Immigrant", but also is a "Police Volunteer", who is guilty of several federal felonies himself, but like a rabid dog looks for problems with everyone else, what a retarded, stupid jerk, and a lifelong Liar, manipulator of unsuspecting, and well intended others. Beware of anything that comes from Yefim Toybin ! Find your own women.

Anonymous said...

Very well written article.

Anonymous said...

Well written Article

Anonymous said...

Andy Conovaloff who pretends to be an expert in so many different fields is simply a common criminal with more than seventy criminal, civil and family cases behind him. Instead of working like most of the law abiding citizens in America, he is spending all his "quality time" in the court rooms playing the system or at his computer harrassing and abusing decent, honest and hard working people. In addition, he has been the main Internet promoter of the very troubled organization - "Shield Foundation". CBS 5 KPHO just released a special investigative report on the Shield and its big involvment in the immigration fraud and judial system abuse. Good job Andy, Andrew or Andrei Conovaloff in your hard efforts to create a positive image for Olga Chaikheeva. It seems you may have slept with her like some other ones. Or, may be you are receiving financial aid from the goverment as a volunteer of the Shield Foundation. That could explain why you protect her and hers illegal activies in OUR NATION.
Chaikheeva and you cannot falsify injunctions against harassment against the whole Russian community; we ALL are on the side of the law and justice.

Asian Dating said...

Asians are different from them. They are more loving and understand their partner well.

Anonymous said...

Good day people of America and rest of the world.

How many of us have been already been fed with news about some bad
guys almost openly operating in the country because they think they
are smart and know how to play the system?
How many of us have been hurt morally, emotionally, financially, even
physically by their conning activities? Decent people and good
citizens work extremely hard in order to make a living. How many of us
would've been not victims of any type of criminal or illegal
activities if we had known more valuable information on people or
organizations we dealt with?

This group will inform you what some of members of our community have
done to our society, law and legal system, and, more importantly,
people of this great nation.

In this article we would like to bring to the light to a Website by
If a stranger take a look at the site, he/she may thing that this is a
professionally organized and well run Internet news agency. Indeed,
this is a personal site and is run by one person who imposts himself
as a webmaster. Most of the info that looks legitimate he simply
takes from the local, state, and national media and press agencies and
uploads on his site, perhaps, without their permission. Furthermore,
he has been using a duplicate of this site that is called GCC Russian
Club. (
For many people in Arizona it is associated with Glendale Community
Russian Club, an entity that had existed in the past and was closed
by college administration in 2004. The official reason was that no
faculty member wanted to become an advisor for the club. It is
partially true. A person who was an advisor at that time didn't want
to stay in that position after the truth was revealed. What's the
truth? The club that originally formed to help English-speakers learn
Russian language, culture and history, changed drastically its mission
after the "webmaster" managed to penetrate in club about three years
after it was organized. Instead of continuing its mission, he
established good and possibly rewarding relations with Olga Chaikheeva
and Artt Smasch, people who clamed to be in charge of Shield
Foundation. He allowed the two to have secretly meeting with several
Russian wives who were supposedly unhappy with their husbands and
didn't want to return back to their native counties. At that time, in
90s, practically no one in general public ever knew what the Shield
Foundation was all about and who, indeed, Olga and her boy-friend/
companion were. Now, many article and investigations have been done by
several people and organizations. See below the links to CBS 5
Investigative report.,,

Anonymous said...

When American people found out about those meeting during which their
wives were coached on how to make domestic violence police reports,
what and how to manipulate the court system, they made it know to the
school administration.
This type of activity in conjunction with other publications and
business adds posted by "the webmaster" on GCC Russian Club Website
such as requesting people to help with arranging a contracted marriage
for money were so much unwelcome by GCC officials. We hope that our
readers now have a good understanding of real reasons the Russian club
at GCC got closed.
The "webmaster and psychiatric expert" didn't want to take
responsibility and blame for his own actions. What he did" He put all
the blame on a person who he has been hated for years because he had a
courage to distant himself away from the "master" and criticize his
immoral conduct.

Well, now the "master" has opened the two almost identical Website to
post abusing and slanderous information on people who he hates, people
who broke their relations with Shield Foundation, people who just want
to be independent, people, who want to form other organizations to
better serve members of the rapidly growing American-Russian community
in Arizona.
How does he deceive the public and abuse people?
Fist of all, he writes a false, slanderous, and defaming article,
signed by anonymous and posts it on one of the Website. Then he re-
posts this article on his, Arizona Russian News site, and makes a link
to the original article on the web. Looks very legitimate, doesn't'
He also takes the original, true and officially posted on the Net
report or article about Shield Foundation and/or himself, changes the
content, and then posts on his site as a corrected report/article. For
many people it looks like the original author, not the "master"
changed the essence of the posting. This is the methods having been
used by this trio: Olga Chailkheeva, Artt Smasch and the "master".
They never sign anything they write or publish; they know they are
producing a bunch of lie and false info. They know that character
defamation and slender is criminally punished. What they don't know
that people are not stupid and the lie will come out.

Who is actually the "master"? If you go to his Website, you will see
only one name for secretary (secretary of what/whom?) - Andy. His
real names are: Andy (Andrew, Andrei) Conovaloff, a person with more
than 77!!! criminal and civil cases behind him. A person who didn't
even hesitate to expropriate two houses from his old parents. A
person, who has an order of protection against all his family member,
including his elderly mom. He had it against his dad as well until his
father, good man, passed away just recently.
Mr. Professional Liar and Fabricator, you can insinuate and write as
much as you want. People will know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Russian Women were always warped by Feminism. The difference is in the USSR feminism was a top down procedure and had nothing to do with their so called rights. Now post USSR the Russian Bitches are looking for new victims because they exploited their own men.