Monday, November 17, 2008

We lost on ladies night

I've heard from men's rights attorney Roy Den Hollander that the ladies night lawsuit was thrown out by Judge Miriam Cedarbaum, a feminist.

Roy said:

Her decision in effect said that when a club refuses to serve girls--it's discriminatory and violates the Constitution. But when a club charges guys more to get to the bar--it's okay. No surprise.

I believe this is just a minor obstacle and I hope Roy appeals it. I for one appreciate the job Roy is doing and I wish him well and to give them hell. More on the lawsuits as that info becomes available.


Coffee Catholic said...

Wow... it's pretty sad that things have become so bad we need "Men's Rights" lawyers!

Masculist Man said...

It shows that men need a guard/watchdog in the politcal fight against them. The founding fathers have said not to trust government and to be vigilant. What has happened is that we started trusting government and not being vigilant. This is one of the many factors that lead to men losing their rights. Vigilism and activism are two things that will tell the politicians to pick on another group and to leave us alone.

Coffee Catholic said...

You'd like "Vision Forum." It's religious but it's totally on the same sheet of music.