Monday, November 3, 2008

Misandry-DART style

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has billboards on their buses that depict "women as victims" and "men as perpetrators" of domestic violence,furthering the feminist lie. I am not a big fan of this lie and if you're not either then contact the following and tell them no one appreciates the misandry they are transporting. Maybe this will teach them to question the feminist liars in the future.

To see the billboards click here

Contact info:

Gary Thomas
President/Executive Director
Phone: 214-749-3070

Sue Bauman
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Phone: 214-749-2504

Randall D. Chrisman
DART Chairman of the Board
Email the Director of Board Support:

Robert W. Strauss
Vice Chairman, DART Board of Directors
Email the Director of Board Support:


Anonymous said...

Mary Mapes the Rabid CBS Feminist responsible for Dan Rather's firing. Comes from Dallas, who has a history of Far Left political figures. The Rabid Man Hating Feminist Amanda Marcotte hails from Austin Texas.

The key to fighting this is to retaliate against those providing the funding for this Hate campaign. And for Dart Officials to know that if this were about Blacks or Jews it would be seen as a Hate Campaign. This is the naked face of Feminism in the US.

Randall Shake

Masculist Man said...

I hope everyone is writing DART and letting them know their misandric sexism will no be condoned and if you haven't, write in today.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see that over the last few decades, there's begun to be an increase in anti-male propaganda. Growing up, I never recall seeing so much of this being pumped into society by the mainstream media. I mean, tune into any television show and there it is. It seems like CSI and Law & Order are always featuring the molesting father or the abusive husband/boyfriend. Very rarely do we see the opposite. I agree with Masculist Man in writing DART and letting them know that there are those out there that will not tolerate such advertising, because if no one speaks up, things like this are only going to get worse.

Masculist Man said...

Anonymous January 20, 2009 1:12 PM,

Exactly we have to protest this anti-male sexism now for later maybe too late.

Hagouchonda said...

Why this don't surprise me?...
Ya I remember every day minsandry.