Friday, December 30, 2011

Bachmann plays the gender card

A couple of nights ago I was watching The Factor,O'Reilly was out so there was a guest host. They did an interview with GOP presidential candidate Senator Michele Bachmann (Minn.) in which she states that the nation needs a strong woman to lead and she even compared herself to former Prime Minister Margret Thatcher.  Does this mean that if she is elected she will snub the British,trivilizing their concerns like Thatcher did to us when we wanted to go into Grenada? Bachmann did a Palin move,positioning herself as a right wing feminist. This is a move that could come around to hurt her,just as Palin lost male support the same thing will happen to Bachmann.  Bachmann is even supported by the Concerned Women of America or CWA which just the right wing version of NOW. CWA's chairwoman Penny Nance joined with Bill Bennett,author of the highly misndric book,The Book of Man.

Nance made the following statement to shame men who refuse to be disposable puppets and cannon fodder for bitches like her and mangina sell outs like Bennett. Here is what she said:

This dismissal is easy to evaluate. Penny Nance – the CEO of “Concerned Women of America” said in an interview on Fox News “ Concerned women for America is the nation’s largest public policy organization and we love men. We support men and we’re rooting for them – we think they’re an essential part of the American family. However we want them to feel the pressure to achieve , to put down the remote, to go find a job, to get their education, to build their faith and character” (emphasis mine) … “so walk away from the remote and get busy guys.”

As told by John The Other

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In another embarassment to the Bachmann camp one of her staff members defected to the Ron Paul camp,a male staff member,he probably sensed the approaching misandry and left. I don't blame him as I would have too.

When you voting in caucusses and primaries it would be in men's best interest to remember the CWA/Bachmann conncection and voting against it would be in everyman's best interest.

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