Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Verizon protest continues

From Edward Bartlett of Save Services at Men's Issues Online:

We're now half-way through our 7 days of the Most Massive Protest our Movement has Ever Staged.

Events have been staged in Florida, New York, California, Maryland, Wisconsin, and elsewhere. So grab your Santa hat and a handful of flyers -- click here -- and head out to your local Verizon store.

Be sure to take a couple photos on your smart-phone and email them to so we can post them here.

This is the last weekend before the Christmas holidays…the weather is going to be good in most parts of the country….let's do it for our kids!

This is great and if you are able to get to a Verizon store and protest their bigoted stance against men then by all means print out a few flyers and pass them around as well. If you are Verizon customer you may want to send in a flyer when you make your payments,that'll probably get their attention too.

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