Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fight for the future by opposing censorship today

I received this from Fight For The Future:

Happy Holidays -- we have some great news to share.

We've just won two huge battles in the fight against Internet censorship -- everything you are doing is working! First off, the House of Representatives failed to move SOPA out of committee! Why? Because their offices got swamped with phone calls and overwhelmed by the snowballing opposition. Thank you for helping make that happen.
Second, in response to the boycott of GoDaddy, the web hosting company just made a public announcement that it's dropping its support of SOPA. Amazing what you have made happen.
Please join us in holding GoDaddy accountable, until they drop any and all efforts to support not just SOPA, but also its Senate cousin, PIPA. The boycott already worked to get GoDaddy to change their position on SOPA, now we urgently need to hear from GoDaddy about PIPA too.
So what's next?
The PIPA bill is still alive and strong in the Senate, and could be voted on in January. Like SOPA, it threatens free speech, innovation, and the basic structure of the Internet.
Thank you for all that you do -- it is working!
Tiffiniy & Phil
Fight for the Future
P.S. Please use these links to ask your friends to hit GoDaddy where it hurts, by pledging to join the boycott too:

Fight For The Future:click here

Sounds like something we can all do and that is stand up to censorship by saying no to companies that engage or encourage it. Do you want to be told when to talk,whom to talk to or what you are allowed to hear? Do you like the idea of someone else deciding what's best for you? If not then get on board today by signing that petition.

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