Friday, January 13, 2012

California eliminates Commission on Women

Governor Jerry Brown

Due to budget problems in California the state eliminated the California Commission on Women. The program was cut by California Governor Jerry Brown. This is a courageous move and as you can imagine it is one that has the feminasties shitting in their panties and squealing like the swine they are. It is more than eliminating a useless government program it is also about standing up to the feminist lobby and saying "enough,we won't allow you to abuse us anymore". It is about standing up to a form of evil and a very powerful one at that. What Governor Brown did is a gutsy move and he should be congratulated for it. He can be contacted here. Let him know that he did a courageous thing and that he is applauded for doing so. Let's tell him that gender issues are not just women's issues and that what men have to say are valid concerns as well. The more of us he hears from the better so let's contact him today.

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shecky said...

This is good news indeed. Pass it on!