Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gingrich admires Palin

On last night's Hannity Sean Hannity had on Newt Gingrich,one of the GOP contenders for the presidency.who said that he admires Sarah Palin and her policies. If Gingrich is thinking of making Palin his veep then that will be very telling.This sounds very contradictory when you look at this and this. If Gingrich is sincere in acknowledging anti-male bias how can he praise Palin? Right wing feminism is no less putrid than its left wing sister is. No one wants a woman in the White House unless she is the first lady. Walter Mondale found that out when he chose Geraldine Ferroro as his veep and lost. John McCain found that out when the voters rejected him and his veep,Sarah Palin. Gingrich always says he loves history so let's see if he learns from it or he repeats it.

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