Thursday, January 19, 2012

We've made progress

We've made progress but there is much work to be done. We've let them know how we feel about SOPA and PIPA and that these two bills are exetremely unpopular.

I received email from the following:

From Demand Progress:

One last email -- and this one's easy:

Today has been amazing, but there's one thing that could completely stop SOPA and PIPA in their tracks:

President Obama has expressed concerns about the bills, but hasn't pledged to veto them.

Please click here to urge President Obama to promise to veto SOPA and PIPA.

There's enough opposition to these bills now that even if they pass, the won't be able to overcome a veto.

A promise to veto the bills will force opponents into a full retreat, and be the perfect way to cap off this week's protests.

We'd be able to declare a victory for the Net, free speech, and democracy.

Please click on the above link to urge President Obama to promise to veto SOPA and PIPA.

Thank you! It's extraordinary: After more than a year of fighting, we're on the verge of winning this thing.

From Fight For The Future:

Today was nuts, right?

Google launched a petition. Wikipedia voted to shut itself off. Senators' websites went down just from the sheer surge of voters trying to write them. NYC and SF geeks had protests that packed city blocks.

You made history today: nothing like this has ever happened before. Tech companies and users teamed up. Tens of millions of people who make the internet what it is joined together to defend their freedoms. The free network defended itself. Whatever you call it, the bottom line is clear: from today forward, it will be much harder to mess up the internet.

The really crazy part? We might even win.

Approaching Monday's crucial Senate vote there are now 35 Senators publicly opposing PIPA. Last week there were 5. And it just takes just 41 solid "no" votes to permanently stall PIPA (and SOPA) in the Senate. What seemed like miles away a few weeks ago is now within reach.

But don't trust predictions. The forces behind SOPA & PIPA (mostly movie companies) can make small changes to these bills until they know they have the votes to pass. Members of Congress know SOPA & PIPA are unpopular, but they don't understand why--so they're easily duped by superficial changes. The Senate returns next week, and the next few days are critical. Here are two things to think about:

1. Plan on calling your Senator every day next week. Pick up the phone each morning and call your Senators' offices, until they vote "no" on cloture. If your site participated today, consider running a "Call the Senate" link all next week.

2. Tomorrow, drop in at your Senators' district offices. We don't have a cool map widget to show you the offices nearest you (we're too exhausted! any takers?). So do it the old fashioned way: use Google, or the phonebook to find the address, and just walk in, say you oppose PIPA, and urge the Senator to vote "no" on cloture. These drop-in visits make our spectacular online protests more tangible and credible.

That's it for now. Be proud and stay on it!

--Holmes, Tiffiniy, and the whole Fight for the Future team.


P.S. Huge credit goes to participants in the 11/16 American Censorship Day protest: Mozilla, 4chan, BoingBoing, Tumblr, TGWTG, and thousands of others. That's what got this ball rolling! Reddit, both the community and the team behind it, you're amazing. And of course, thanks to the Wikimedians whose patient and inexorable pursuit of the right answer brought them to take world-changing action. Thanks to David S, David K, Cory D, and E Stark for bold action at critical times.

P.P.S. If you haven't already, show this video to as many people as you can. It works! click here

Senate contact info:click here

This is great,even Obama is on our side. This is indeed good news but we must keep it up if we are to prevail. Contact President Obama and your senators and let them know how disgusted you find censorship and that it has no business in a free society. Do so right away,because the rights you save may be your own.

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