Friday, April 13, 2012

Kellett brought up on disciplinary charges

Maine Bar Council recommends discipline for ADA Mary Kellett

April 13, 2012
Robert O'Hara

(AVFM News) Washington D.C. Apr. 13, 2012 – Fathers and Families, a popular men and fathers rights group engaged in activism involving primarily the rights of fathers, reported on their website yesterday that Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett of the Seventh Prosecutorial District of Maine was recommended for discipline by the Bar Council on April 6th. Bar Council J. Scott Davis handed down the recommendation which could result in anything from Kellett to getting disbarred to a criminal investigation.

Criminal,we definitely want criminal charges so let's roast her ovaries. If you are wondering why I'm taking this attitude I refer you to this.

It is unclear whether or not Maine has a provision for an independent prosecutor at this time as that would be the best way to secure criminal charges against Kellett. “Obviously, the District Attorney of Ellsworth likely won’t prosecute one of his/her own lawyers, but, if there’s an independent prosecutor statute, someone else can. They can and should.” Wrote Robert Franklin in his article on the Fathers and Families website.

Mary Kellett has been the target of activism from many different quarters including S.A.V.E., A Voice for Men, Fathers and Families and, who all participated in a petition signing drive to have her disbarred for the wrongful prosecution of Vladek Filler, a man falsely accused of rape by his unstable wife Ligia during a custody dispute. Kellett has been criticized heavily for disregarding the due rights of those accused of sexual assault crimes in her district and has a known record of convicting men who were strongly suspected of being innocent.

Among the abuses cited by the Bar Council are Kellett’s refusal to hand over evidence to Fillers attorney, Daniel Pileggi, the nature of which was extremely exculpatory. Pileggi eventually had to get the court to produce the evidence for him because of Kellett’s refusal to cooperate in a lawful manner.

Franklin calls upon others who have suffered at the hands of Kellett to file a grievance with the Bar Council.. AVFM News will be closely covering any developments.


Fathers and Families

A Voice For Men

It looks like all that activism paid off. When I saw that video that featured everyone from the governor to the legislature to everyone on down jump aboard the feminist bandwagon I had pretty much had given up any hope on men getting a fair break in Maine but hopefully that may not be the case. Let's see if justice prevails.

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