Monday, April 16, 2012

Tonight On The Record

As I was watching On The Record with Greta Van Sustern I noticed her sexist attitude toward government employees relaxing in Columbia. It seems that Van Sustern had a hissy fit when several male secret service employees and some Pentagon personnel hired some hookers for some R and R. Sustern was citing safety concerns in allowing hookers into their rooms and how they were immoral for doing so. Someone pointed out that being a secret service employee is stressful and that they were relieving stress. Van Sustern stated she didn't care how stressful the job is they shouldn't be doing that. The next segment featured Secretary of State Hillary Clinton throwing down a few beers with Sustern stating that if anyone had a right to throw down a few beers it is Hillary Clinton because she has a stressful job. WTF??? Let's back up here for just a moment. The stress of secret service agents doesn't count because it comes with the territory but then again stress comes from the secretary of state's job as well. Why is one's stress a mitigating factor while another's is not? National security some might say. I say nice try but that dog don't hunt. Hillary,being the secretary of state,is part of Obama's cabinet,while the secret service employees are not. Clinton would know more about sensitive information than the secret service employees would know. If Clinton had shot her mouth off in that bar,where it is possible foreign agents are listening,she could have jeopardized our position in that region than these secret service employees could have ever done. Not only that but Clinton held up something that said "Havana" on it. Is Clinton promoting the Cuban capital? Or its government? Sustern states that she feels ashamed by the actions of the secret service employees but excuses Clinton who is drinking like a fish. So what is really going on here? It is the pussy pass in operation again. When you get right down to it there is no difference between left wing feminists and right wing feminists.

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