Monday, April 16, 2012

Male only "privileges" that women want no part of

We often hear about how women want equality and that they want equal access to "male privilege" Now before I go on there are two types of "privileges" that are going to be talked about here: the first is the scenario of the male executives,with glasses of champagne,toasting a successful business plan and high fiving each other. Women see this and they start making demands to achieve it. What they don't see or care to for that matter is how weeks earlier when these same men were still brainstorming and trying to come up with rough drafts,with their heads in their hands. It seems women want the best of life without making the sacrifices to achieve it.

The following are "male-only privileges" that women want no part of:

  • Men are the only ones that face the death penalty in murder cases but even in cases where the death penalty is spared men "enjoy" longer sentences than women.

  • Male only selective service where men and only men have to sign up for to receive government benefits

  • Men receiving longer sentences for the same crimes that females also commit. Even if the woman is the mastermind she can place blame on the man to conceal her culpability.

  • When men and women both serve in the military only men may be required to serve in combat. Also the fitness required for women is lower than for men

  • Men make up the majority of occupation accidents and fatalities: 95% vs. 5%.

  • Men's health concerns are neglected compared to women's health issues. Men's concerns gets pennies while women's health issues gets dollars.

  • Women outlive men by a decade.

  • Men are victimize by anti-male laws such as VAWA that strips them of everything they worked hard for and destroy their reputations in the process.

  • If we can consider the aforementioned bullet points to be "privileges" "enjoyed" by men then I happily concede my "privileges" to whoever wants them.


    izzey said...

    Most, are removed from their homes in handcuffs, simply because wifey has called the matter; she threw the first punch...or punch bowl.

    I'm still waiting for them to ask for that equality.

    I would also like to see women crawl through the mud and slime on a 'blue collar' job to feed her family, and then go home and have to mow the lawn, take out the trash, do the dishes, wash the car, fix the toilet... simply because it is also her job to 'share in the household chores'.

    While she's at it, she can walk the dog, because she 'needs the exercise' after her long, hard, filthy, back-breaking day.

    Come on now....any takers for that sort of 'equality'?

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