Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The New York Times,the professor and the MRA's protesting him

Recently the New York Times published the piece:Men:Who needs them? which caused a righteous reaction from the Men's Rights Movement. We protested to the times and found the guy who wrote the article,Greg Hampikian,at his regular job as a professor at Boise State University. When we contacted the University by both email and phone we were told by the Boise Police Department that we were harassing the staff at Boise State University. We weren't "harassing" anyone we were asking them to discipline a rogue professor that is out of control. If you can't say "jews,who needs them","Hispanics,who needs them","women:who needs them" then you can't say "men:who needs them" it's that simple. Apparently Boise State University doesn't agree and sicced the cops on us. I guess in these halls of higher learning there is some basic learning that was overlooked and a lot of dissenting voices silenced. This shows that when it comes to gender issues Boise State University is going to do the correct thing-the politically correct thing.


The Geezer said...

You get a copy of the police report to see who ratted you out? You talk to the cops, and tell them you are excercising your constitutional rights, and ask for their response?

You talk to the prosecutor, and point out you likely will file a lawsuit for deprivation of rights, if they don't put a lid on this?

I certainly would.

The Geezer

Harry Rag said...

Greg Hampikian has made numerous false claims about the Amanda Knox case in the media. Here are the details: