Saturday, September 15, 2012

Throwing down the gauntlet

This how we see you

Feminists,are you willing to defend your cause? No one has yet. Is it because you know feminism to a vile and evil cause that it can't possibly be defended? We're throwing down the gauntlet:are you going to put up or shut up? Will you be here or will you wuss out. NOW? National Organization of Whiners. Ms. Foundation? Ms. Guided,Ms.Stake,Ms Use of money,Ms. Use of time. Feminist Majority? Feminist majority of idiots. Perhaps you feminist bloggers maybe you can do something your psychopathic overlords are scared to do and that is debate us MRA's. You know who you are: femitamponstring,feminutzi,that blog with the dyke and the blog with the mangina that wants to be a dyke. You've defended Lorena Bobbitt,you've defended husband killers and other anti-male lunatics,you've even defended misandry in general and now you can't defend feminism? That dog don't hunt. Either put up or shut up.

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