Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's encourage Dan Matthews one more time

Dan Matthews is the Republican Congressional candidate representing the 2nd district of Washington state. Matthews has been in favor of men's rights: click here However Matthews has flipped flop: click here

Of course it doesn't help when Rick Larsen,the Democratic incumbent,makes statements such as:

“So long as you don’t spend a lot of time talking about certain issues with folks with those sort of views and just focus on the issues where you agree. You have to commit to working with Democrats and Republicans when you take this job. But coming back to Todd Akins, what he said was not just scientifically inaccurate, it was morally reprehensible. The view of some of the folks in the Republican party on women and the role in society, is just as reprehensible. While I was arguing for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) on the floor of the House, my opponent Dan Matthews posted on his website this.” Rep. Larsen drew out a piece of paper and read me a quote that I have reproduced here. It is from Matthews website although he has since pulled it down, it is still reproduced online on a “Men’s Rights” blog here.

Larsen's quote:click here

Guess who's blog Larsen is refering to? Yes,yours truly.

The only solution as I see it: to tell Dan Matthews that men's concerns are a politically viable and it is a safe position to take. If he hears from a lot of us he may stand up to feminist favoring likes of Rick Larsen and festering pus of the femocratic party. Let's let him know today.


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Anonymous said...

Men need to get organized and start lobbying hard for the interests, just like the feminists do. Politicians must be taught that they can't throw men under a bus without paying a steep price.