Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fuck Debate Politics

I was surfing the net looking for a good political forum when I found Debate Politics. I told them I was an MRA and that I was looking forward to participating there,being very polite while I was there. The next day when I logged in I found out I had been banned,no reason given. If I was rude to the other posters,especially the established ones then I can see but I wasn't. So I went searching on their site and found some groups that are favorable to these assclowns. These groups are approved by Debate Politics. Most of these groups are feminist and other left wing groups. I'll bet some feminazi piece of dried dog shit saw my screenname on the forum she is moderating and PMSed out so bad she banned me,without reason nor explanation. OTOH,I should be glad I was banned that way I'll never be compared to these putrid pieces of shit. Fuck them all.


Bob said...

The George Soros organization sponsors a lot of nice sounding left wing advocacy groups. I'm not familiar with "Debate Politics" but I'll bet that its one of his.

Masculist Man said...

Bob, I told them I moderate this board and Among Other Things and that must have set them off. Could be George Soros,he funds a lot of his fellow hypocritical self-righteous groups that preach to everyone else. If ignorance is bliss Debate Politics is a very blissful place.

RidinHighSpeeds said...

Feel free to sign up at my political forum: We have a great community and we only ban members who troll or spammers..