Monday, November 12, 2012

Statist loses election but wants to be Secretary of State

Howard Berman

The good news: Congressman Howard Berman -- one of the lead supporters of SOPA -- lost his re-election bid last week. The bad news: The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Berman is being considered as the replacement for Hillary Clinton when she steps down as Secretary of State in coming weeks. That would mean that he'd play a key role in developing global Internet policy! Please add your name at right to tell President Obama and the Senate that Berman has no place being considered for Secretary of State. Berman has spent decades representing Southern California, and has been one of the biggest shills for Hollywood and other forces that seek to censor the Internet: He was one of the original sponsors of SOPA, and unlike so many others who had the sense to wiithdraw their support after the Internet cried out, Berman has never backed down. But now the LA Times reports:

Berman, who has been chairman and ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is among those now mentioned by U.S. officials as a possible replacement for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton when she departs next year.

If the United States really cares about global Internet freedom, there couldn't be a worse pick for Secretary of State than Berman, who's repeatedly tried to censor the web at Hollywood's behest -- and Hollywood's been leading a global charge to clamp down on Internet freedom. Let's put Obama and the Senate on notice.

Source:click here to sign petition.

Last week we got rid of this statist asshole through democratic means but we could end up stuck with him if we don't let Obama and our senators know that we don't want him. If he is a big SOPA supporter I don't want him anywhere near the controls for the internet. If he is so big with the Hollywood crowd then they can give him a job in the private sector so that way he can leave the rest of us alone.

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