Saturday, November 10, 2012

What happened?

I haven't posted for a few days,still trying to wrap my head around the election results. Obama won re-election which surprised the fuck out of me. I considered him and Biden toast and thought they would lose. They didn't. I read about the results at various sites trying to make sense of it all. I've found various sites that explain the results:

  • Low voter turn out,lower than 2008. 12 million people decided to sit this one out.

  • The white male vote may not cut it anymore in deciding elections. It was blacks,Latinos and women who put Obama back in the Whitehouse.

  • Considering a Spanish company counts our votes in deciding elections anything is bound to happen. What are the nationalities and/or political leanings of those deciding America's future?

  • Republican corruption during the caucus stage,from caucus votes being discarded to the Republican hierarchy not letting Ron Paul supporters in the RNC. Then Romney threatening to have Ron Paul arrested for "not getting out of his way". This is a very sound reason to not like Romney. If these orders that gave Romney the nomination,the fix as it were,didn't come from Reince Prebius they occurred on his watch.

  • Not that many men voted in this election. Can't say as I blame them,especially if they've never been here or don't have access to the net at all. Romney and Obama catterwalling about women's issues. It worked for Obama because that was his target audience but it went against Romney because he alienated his target audience: men.

  • Just to name a few,something that the lamestream media refuses to do. If some or all of these reasons apply then it would explain a lot.

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