Sunday, February 2, 2014

Erick Bennett video

From Fatherless America:

Published on Jan 25, 2014

The feminist apparatchiks are out to silence and destroy this man whose message threatens their hegemony. Erick Bennett is a U.S. Senate candidate from Maine who 10 years ago was falsely accused and convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. He set out to fight for change and unlike the mainstream media he has been telling it how it is. The mainstream media's response? Hit job after hit job after hit job calling him names and telling people again and again to just "ignore" him. Amanda Marcotte at Salon attacked Bennett for even challenging his false conviction and for making claims that men get railroaded in court. Erika Eichelberger at Mother Jones apparently made Bennett feel comfortable enough to grant her an interview before she turned around and published a hit piece titled "I will kill you" and going so far as to publish his ex-wife's ludicrous 10 year old statement/fable to police as if somehow that makes it a fact. What the media is really saying is don't pay any attention to that man telling the truth from behind the curtain about how things really work.


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