Saturday, February 1, 2014

The hit piece on JTO that should have never been published

I was at A Voice For Men and I was reading an article which state that JTO is a traitor. I always thought JTO was a loyal MRA so this can't be true. I read the article,links and everything. If you haven't read this then by all means do read it. The article is by Diana Davison. So if you haven't read it then do so. Now that you've read the article you can see why I'm not too fond of this. First of all JTO is innocent of the charges against him and he was falsely accused by a drama queen. The point is this should have never been published. What was the purpose? You were bored and wanted to stir shit up? That is how we got here: bored women who wanted to stir shit up. One of the posters there echoed what I've been saying about women in the movement and this proves it. I noticed the women on A Voice For Men are blaming men for not understanding it is satire. Again men are attacked for "not getting it". Where have we heard that before? The point is the article does nothing but cause division and division at this time is not good for the movement.

Update: Here is Diana Davison's response to those that "misinterpret" her article. It is either she wanted to go after JTO,had second thoughts and is now trying to play this off as a joke or she sucks as a writer. Read the following:

Diana Davison says

February 1, 2014 at 1:37 PM

“the canyon of my despair”
“a flimsy staple gun that is somehow shooting

seven inch nails.”
“Why, John?…For the love of all good things,

“What are they paying you, John? And was it

worth your soul?”
“I am still too mortified and embittered to

feign the proper etiquette.”
“there is a small chance John the Other is not

dead to us.”
“It is entirely feasible that JtO hasn’t

actually abandoned the ship for a douche canoe

after all.”

“Run, John, run!”

Those are just a few of the reasons this is obvious satire. If anyone doesn’t see that, there isn’t much I can do to help them. It would be like trying to teach Borat to use the word “NOT!”

If feminists want to try and use this article to claim the MRM is falling apart it would be the funniest thing that could happen. I hope they do.


No,it is not obvious. A lot of questions being asked by those outside of AVFM are being attacked. Blame and deflect. Typical feminist's tactics. I wouldn't trust these women for anything. It's all about them and if AVFM let them these same female "allies?" will put knives in the backs of those white knights and manginas that they will have a major WTF moment.

Update: this article is published after the interview with pro-male candidate Erick Bennett (see preceeding post) who is running to be U.S. Senator for Maine. I find it very interesting that this piece was published after that interview. An interview that gained ground and now this piece is published. A piece that is divisive. Notice how the women are defending each other and discounting what the men have to say. Like usual a lot of guys are playing white knight/mangina games by agreeing with the women. AVFM appears to have been infiltrated by the feminists.Coincidence? I don't think so. At Least that is what the circumstantial evidence shows.


Geo Gri said...

The article you mention is simply satire, and it wasn't making any real charges against JtO. Sadly, it does seem to have caused some confusion.

You're absolutely right; JtO is a very articulate, honest and effective Men's Right Advocate, and so is Diana Davidson. They rank right up there with the very best; people like Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman, and Paul Elam.

Geo Gri said...

The article you mention is a satire and it wasn't making any real charges against JtO. It was an attack on Jessica Valenti.

And you're right; JtO is an honest, intelligent, articulate Men's Right Advocate. So is Diana Davison! They BOTH rank right up there with the very best, such as; Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman, and Paul Elam.

If people have any doubts about Diana Davison's motivations, simply check out her YouTube channel:

Masculist Man said...

The caaual reader is going to be under the impression that it is serious and if someone doesn't see the nonexistant humor in it they are attacked. I know,it happened to me and another guy. The women are locked step in agreement with each other,no dissent and the white knights/manginas are attacking any man who doesn't succumb to their way of thinking. That's been my experience when I was over there today. If you read the comments then you know what was said. I don't like where AVFM is going. They have sacrificed their values to be popular and in the process have lost sight of what it is they are fighting for. It used to be a safe place which allowed angry men a place to vent but now don't say anything that may upset the "little dearies". The same "little dearies" that posted that piece on JTO and those defending her and discounting what the men have to say.

Geo Gri said...

Hi Masculist Man,

I read all the comments and I agree with you that the people who didn't like the article got criticized way too harshly. There was no need for that!

But I don't find the women MRAs to be in lock step at all. I've read a huge amount of their material and watched a ton of their videos (especially stuff from Karen Straughan, Alison Tieson, Anja Eriud, and Diana Davison) and, to be honest, I learned a SHITLOAD of stuff from them. Before, all I had was my anger at feminism. Now I have strong, truthful, convincing, things to say against it -- and it works much better than my anger ever did.

I also don't think it's being a mangina or a white knight to speak out in support of smart, sane, female MRAs. In my book, a mangina is a male who supports feminist bullshit, because he doesn’t have the brains or the guts to do otherwise. If anyone speaks out against feminist lies (either a man or a woman) then I will support them for telling the truth.

Really nice chatting with you!

Anonymous said...

AVFM has been the Good Men Project 2.0 for some time now.

It's basically a place for pro-male manginas to gather and listed to women tell them what it's really like to be a man. Many TFLs there. Nothing at all being said.

AVFM is irrelevant, and has been for some time.