Thursday, February 20, 2014

Is FOX aboard the feminist bandwagon ?

Tonight on Hannity guest hostess Andrea Tantoros and two other clueless bitches were ragging on how women were disadvantaged in Hollywood. One of these female panelists,Eboni Williams (yeah,I know it sounds like a porn star name) states that women are under represented in Hollywood but in academia as in law school women outnumber men yet none of the women on the panel see this as a problem. They only see women's problem not men's. Here we have the entitlement mentality.
Tantoros was ragging on that the roles for women were "man loving and subservient to men". I didn't know that assaulting male genitalia and/or mutilating male genitalia was considered "man loving". Is this how Tantoros shows her love her husband must be scared to death. If he was hiding in a bunker I wouldn't blame him. If you consider that Hollywood has 98 pound women beating up 230 pound guys as "subservient" then you and I define these words very differently.This mentality exists on both the left and right. FOX is going down the slippery slope to a feminist myopia. It started with Megyn Kelly and her show now it is growing. The way things are going FOX is going to become as relevant as MSNBC. I predict that if it continues they will experience a decline in their male viewership. When you don't rein in the estrogen poisoning bad things happen. I've seen it in the manosphere and in other medium as well. Let's see what happens.

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