Sunday, August 19, 2012

American shame 2

Admit it,America,anglosphere,whatever,you hate men. You hate men above everything else? What's that you say? I'm running at the mouth with no proof? Is that it? Fine,here is some proof. America,you claim to hate racism but you only hate male racists? Prove it? Fine. You asked for it:

Margaret Sanger

Adolf Hitler

You only hate the male racist,America while not only excusing the female racist's organization but also implementing its agenda. Yes,America,out of one side of your ass you state how evil the male racist is and how much we should stop him but you also embrace and implement the ideas of the female racist. Excuse me,America but that sounds so hypocritical that dog won't hunt. Rich Zubaty in his book,Surviving The Feminization Of America points out that the United States is so matriarchialized it baffles the rest of the world. It baffles me as well so America if you will will you explain to me and the rest of the world the inconsistencies you exhibit when it comes to the genders. What else do you hate,America? Pedophilia? You scream for the blood of pedophiles. Right? You say you want to come down hard on pedophiles:

Dana Charles Bell

Bell is merely indicted but there are those of you who want his blood. But as long as it's a "he" you are against him. How dare I make such a statement? I can prove it:

Mary Kay Letourneau

It seems that you are not against pedophiles after all,America in fact you even did this. Unlike Bell Letourneau is a CONVICTED child sexual predator and she gets a theme party. You say you hate murderers,America? Is that it? Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining. Sure you hated him:

Scott Peterson

but you excused women. Don't believe me. Okay,you asked for it.

Clara Harris

I know someone out there is saying:Masc,you can't possibly compare Clara Harris to Scott Peterson. Clara Harris was upset over the affair.

That's a valid statement but it does beget a question: Was she upset over the affair her husband was having or the affair she was having?

And if that doesn't convince you:

Mary Winkler

No America when it comes to women you pussyfoot around and ignore male victims.Bullshit you say? Okay,here is an excellent example:

Phil Hartman

I'll let Reverend Jeremiah Wright wrap it up:

God damn America

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