Friday, May 9, 2014

Bring back our girls? What about the boys?

By now you've heard about the incident where 300 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped by a militant Islamic group,Boko Haram. It is hard to miss it with the media plastering it all over the place,both the left wing and right wing media pushing it. Hannity is completely taken in by this,as I suspected he would be. Only the female Republicans are making any sense by saying let's stay out of it.The federal government is getting in a lather about it as well. Even with a sad face Michelle Obama holding up a sign that says "save our girls". Everyone in the government is in a rush to play the white knight. Why? It is not our problem. Why should American men sacrifice their lives to save foreign nationals when it's not in our national security interest? What has Boko Haram threatened to with the girls? They have threatened to marry them off to their soldiers. Here is something you may have not known: prior to kidnapping the girls Boko Haram MURDERED 58 Nigerian boys and not a peep from the world,let alone the American government and media.(Source: The Factor with guest hostess Laura Ingram 05/08/2014)That's right we let Boko Haram get away with slaughtering 58 boys. We didn't make a sound. Nothing from the media,nothing from the government. No angry calls to rush in and avenge them. The Obama administration sure wants to rush in and save those girls but this is the same Obama administration that let 4 American men be murdered in Benghazi,Libya. We have no suspects,no one in lock-up for it and a president that is going to stonewall this but I guess 300 foreign females that may or may not favor the United States are more important than 4 American men who definitely were loyal to their country,a country that didn't reciprocate that loyalty. There is now a House Select Committee looking into Benghazi and I hope they reach the truth and I hope to be informed about it by a media source that is not afraid to look politically incorrect.(this is America,what is a "correct" opinion anyway,everyone has different opinions which they deem to be "correct". Political Correctness is Proletariat Communism. IOW a dictatorship) We as a nation need to keep an eye on this administration. We can not forget Benghazi. We cannot forget Obamacare,the murdering of the Bill of Rights and the UN dictatorship this administration would shove down our throats.


Anonymous said...

Is this for real...I would rather die any day than be stolen away from my family in the blink of an eye and be SOLD into marriage and slavery against my will. These young girls will and probably already have been raped and treated like the tradeable animals you seem to think they are. I'm just going to assume that you don't have a daughter of your own (no woman in their right mind would ever lower herself to reproducing with a man that thinks men are superior) ,but if you do I feel so bad for her. If you think HUMAN BEINGS such as yourself being free one day and slaves the next is just something that we should ignore because they're not from America, then I'm not sure you really know what America is all about. We help people in times of need- PEOPLE help PEOPLE in times of need and if your mind is so narrow that you cannot accept this simple concept I do not even know what else I can tell you. YOU ARE THE WORST PERSON I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF NOT (EMPHASIS ON THE 'NOT') MEETING. #feminism

Masculist Man said...

I found your comment quite comical and the anti-male bigotry quite glaring. Where was your outrage when the boys were being SLAUGHTERED or do boys not matter to a bigot such as yourself? Apparently their pain is invisible to an anti-male bigot such as yourself.