Saturday, May 17, 2014

My response to Dave Futrelle

I left a comment on Dave Futrelle's webpage about him being being screwed in the butt. Instead of publishing the letter he gives me a post dedicated to me. An entire post dedicated to me yet he won't link to my site like he does the other MRA sites. First of all I didn't threaten anyone. All I said was I agree with a comment that ask how Dave Futrelle is blind to the truth about feminism and feminists. That they are highly misandric and that once a male no longer suits them he is expendable. Look at what happened to ex-Senator Bob Packwood from Oregon,he served feminists interests for a long time but when he was no longer useful they threw him to the wolves. We were wondering what it would take to make Dave Futrelle see the truth about feminism and feminists. Dave Futrelle is worse than other feminists. Other feminists use straight out lies while Futrelle uses half truths. Yes I did list In The Company of Men as one of my favorite movies but then again how many feminists loved Thelma and Louise? A lot. In fact here is some misandric garbage and very recent too. I think it is hypocritical to give them a pass yet hold me accountable. Yes,I am allied with A Voice For Men and The Spearhead. But then again I'm allied with a lot of MRA sites.Futrelle really needs to get over his persecution complex.

UPDATE:I've let Dave Futrelle and his audience know about this post so that I may present my side of the story. I would try but it's not posted and I posted it a while ago. I mean if Futrelle is this helpless victim and I'm this mean evil man then he would certainly want his audience to know that but he doesn't. Why is that? Because only half truths exist with the likes of Futrelle. Half truths are worse than any lie.

UPDATE2: Futrelle has labeled me a "dick". Thank you,dave I take that as a compliment. You see dicks like me fuck pussies and assholes,royalfuckingly. I see a lot of feminists love the Starcrash video someone posted. In fact here it is. Fucktrelle heaps more shit upon men who end up being martyrs while excusing violent women who only get violent because they are bored. Typical feminist.


Anonymous said...

He doesn't get it. He must not have had any male friends in school. He doesn't get it that people are taunting him and then laughing at his bitch-boy reactions.

Masculist Man said...

Which means there will be lots of material to post. It will be such fun. If any MRA's want to join in humiliating Futrelle feel free to do so.