Sunday, May 18, 2014

Futrelle's commenters and my response to them

These are some of the comments posted about me on Fooltrelle's website. Since Dave is selective on which comments he'll allow to be published (yes he's rejected my comments many times so I didn't "run away" as one of them put it). Here are their comments and my reactions:

I’m sorry you are subjected to this vileness, David. You are a brave man, and what you do is vitally important.

Is it feasible to contact law enforcement when one is targeted with such specific threats of assault? It is criminal, to my mind.


And we'll send feminists to prison in retaliation.

Sometimes mrm memes* make me angry, sometimes they confuse me, the above linked just made me smile.
A stockphoto of a conventionally attractive woman laughing?
“This is how women view men’s pain”


You call me a misogynist yet you practice misandry. Hypocrite.

Reading his…writings, you
dave futrelle are now a jellyfish submitting to a mistress.


A moment of clarity.

I’m drunk as fuck right now, and shouldn’t be commenting at all, but screw that. I’m stuck at this:

He lists Warren Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power as one of his favorite books

He lists Warren Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power as one of his favorite books.

He lists Warren Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power as one of his favorite books.

Just… just imagine the level of failure involved in that. Like, daymn.

I’ve read that book. Anyone who likes it is a shitload of diarrhea wrapped in herpes and syphilis and seasoned with seething hatred of life,

beauty and reason. Bull-fucking-shit. Masculinist Man is a reprehensible person, a rape-apologist and a willful idiot. And also a poopyhead.

Look for more hatefilled comments in our new product, “I can’t believe it’s not an over-the-top cartoon villain!”

David, you’re awesome. That is all.


Praising fucktrelle is something a drunk would do.

@ grumpycatisagirl
It’s a terribly clever play on the fact that David is spineless. You see because jellyfishes don’t have spines. Also it was ‘mistresses’ which

was even more dramatic. For David ex-priest celibate jellyfish only ever does anything to curry favour with women. Though all us commentators are

apparently lesbian feminists or wannabes(?) so quite why he’s so desperate to impress us I don’t know.


This is the only shot at sex he has. The neighborhood children run from him and no amount of money will get a hooker to even go near him. So feminazi pussy is the only shot he has.

Michelle C Young:

I haven’t seen “In the Company of Men,” but I read the synopsis. It appears that a couple of men were hurt by some women, and they decide to get

revenge on “womankind,” by targeting a completely innocent woman, who never did anything to hurt them.

Revenge – you’re doing it wrong. You’re supposed to hurt the one who hurt you in the first place, not innocent bystanders. You hurt the innocent

bystanders, and the ones who hurt you, in the first place, go blissfully on through their lives, completely unaware of anything you’re doing, and

not in the least bit hurt by your actions. Plus, INNOCENT bystanders? That’s not revenge. That’s just plain evil.

Sounds way too skeevy to me.


Thelma and Louise did the same thing and feminists love them.

Michelle C Young:

@Lea – If you enjoy watching bad movies, may I recommend “Hydra”? It’s so ridiculously bad.

My favorite scene is when the hydra bites the head off a man, and “blood” splatters across the camera. Then, the shot changes to an overhead shot

of the forest, and you hear the LOUD and tortured screams of the man whose head was just bitten OFF.

Logic! Why, it’s just as logical as an MRA.


So you like the idea of killing men. Then get off my case hypocrite.

Buttercup Q Skullpants:
I’ve been a masculist for over 20 years and have been very activist,both on and offline. I’ve debated phonies and feminists and have prevailed

over both

According to who? The Internet Argument Judges? Do they hold up little cards saying “10.0″ every time he comments?

Also, there’s a certain irony in someone with “KARMA” in his handle calling up people in the middle of the night to leave threatening, creepy

messages. Karma has a way of coming back around and rebounding on the original actor, no matter how aggrieved they may feel. People confuse karma

with one-sided, permanent, consequence-free revenge, and that isn’t what the concept is about. Karma is never-ending. The whole point is to try

to get rid of it, not magnify it with threats and violence. It’s another instance of an MRA perverting a term to suit their own purposes without

fully understanding it.

Thanks for all the work you do exposing this vile movement, David. Every playground insult they hurl at you is a badge of honor.


I used facts and they couldn't refute what I was saying. That's how I won. That is how we will win.

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