Saturday, August 27, 2016

Canadian father stands up to injustice heaped upon him and his family

PLEASE HELP Her!!!! ...Hello everyone! My name is Jakob Letkemann, I am a father, Asking for your help and support in a lawsuit against several professionals, I am also applying for funds on behalf of my Mother Rosemary Berdan and my daughter Darian Letkemann

We are ALL taking legal action against MANY PEOPLE because of their actions, for false Reporting and accusations, slander as well as conspiracy and wrongful removal of a child. (Salt spring island has a removal rate 5X the national average)

This is going on all over Canada, The poor are the target now (was the 60`s scoop), For they feel we are easy targets and are to uneducated to fight back..well they are wrong.

I will be using most of the lawsuit winnings to fund a program to help low income family`s (Parent School Center, 1 year full support Training program) and to build housing for single and low income family`s to enhance them making all parents harder targets

I have received over 4500 peices of evidence (infromation act) and we need money to file orders on children`s aid society London ONT. to release our records, this is where it all started (my brother died in foster care and they threw that in my mothers face in court and when they MIS-REMOVED my daughter they took her from my mom`s arms (breach of policey) all on `heresay` , I LOST EVERYTHING, THEY TOOK EVERYTHING I HAD... i lost my job..all home...they wanted to kill my dog for trying to protect my daughter....they took her 2 days before her 1st birthday...2 weeks before christmas...I have never cryed like that before and i would not want anyone to go through it ,Took me 10 months to get her back (fast on the family court scale)....MY DAUGHTER WAKES UP CRYING FOR ME EVERY NIGHT saying ` Daddy don`t leave me`... and now i am FIGHTING FOR MY SON AS AWELL, PLEASE HELP THE KIDS, DON`T HELP ME, DO IT FOR THEM!!!

This is a landmark case! When we win it will show these sorts of people `you cant just steal our children` like they do now ...I know there are millions of you out there touched by these people we can fight back


Darian & Jakob Letkemann
Rosemary Berdan

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