Friday, August 12, 2016

Gynocentricist hates Donald Trump

By now you've heard that there are Republicans ragging on Donald Trump. Scared that he is going to get us into a war with his temper. I got news for them,Trump is mild compared to how some of the people feel. I brought this up here but for this post I want to take it from a masculist perspective rather than the one from Among Other Things which is from a conservative perspective. On tonight's broadcast of The O'Reilly Factor guest hosted by Eric Bolling he discussed the Trump situation with 70 members of the GOP saying they will not support Donald Trump. One of them is Rina Shah of Political Storm,a gynocentric right wing feminist that specializes in Republican women's issues,labled Trump as "divisive". WTF? This woman only specializes in Republican women's issues so Republican men don't count. If Shah is not divisive then what is she? She has the nerve to insinuate Donald Trump is a sexist yet Shah is the biggest sexist out there. If she insinuates that Trump is sexist yet she is blatantly sexist herself. Meet the right wing feminist the same as the left wing feminist. Gynocentricity is on both sides of aisle and that is what is fucking this country up.

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