Tuesday, August 23, 2011

American college men in peril

Russlynn Ali

American college men are in big trouble on college campuses today. They have no rights and their freedoms can be taken away on a whim from a female,and ultimately dismay their plans of finishing school and choosing a career in a field of their desire.. When one takes into consideration how Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Russlynn Ali, head of the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights took away men's civil rights with a policy change. When one takes the following into consideration:

At the cost of losing federal funding—on which all major institutions of higher education have grown dependent—colleges and universities are obliged under Title IX of the Civil Rights Act (which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex) to thoroughly investigate all allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus, including the felony of rape. They are also obliged, according to Ms. Ali, to curtail due process rights of the accused.

OCR's new interpretation of Title IX "strongly discourages" universities from permitting the accused "to question or cross-examine the accuser" during the hearing. In addition, if universities provide an appeals process, it must be available to both parties—which subjects the accused to double jeopardy.

Most egregiously, OCR requires universities to render judgment using "a preponderance of the evidence" standard. This means that in a rape case, a campus disciplinary board of faculty, administrators and perhaps students serves as both judge and jury. Few if any of these judges are likely to have professional competence in fact-gathering, evidence analysis or judicial procedure. Yet to deliver a verdict of guilty, they need only believe that the accused is more likely than not to have committed the crime.

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We need to stand up to the anti-male policies of this administration and one of the things we can do email blitz our elected leaders in Congress,both Houses,and have them look into this. The DOE has no business putting men through this,it has to stop and we have to make sure these policies are never implemented ever again. So write your elected leaders and tell them you will not put up with this misandry any more. The more of us they hear from the better so send those emails today.


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It will get lots of exposure. I also, to promote this great site; posted the link to this site.

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