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Great news in the Kellett situation


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Bar Harbor Maine prosecutor faces disbarment for prosecuting innocent men for rape

A Bar Harbor Maine prosecutor faces historic proceedings after the state Board of Overseers of the Bar Counsel issues a rare recommendation of finding probable cause of prosecutorial misconduct following a 7 month long investigation. Assistant district attorney Mary N. Kellett has been accused of prosecuting dozens of men for sex crimes even when evidence of their innocence was established. Several prosecuted men were accused by their wives or girlfriends in the course of their divorce or child custody disputes. The complaints investigated by the Bar Counsel Scott Davis cited witness and evidence tampering and presentation of false facts and evidence before the Court by prosecutor Mary N. Kellett.

The misconduct first came to light in the case of Vladek Filler, a husband accused of sexual misconduct by his estranged wife during their divorce and child custody battle in the Bar Harbor area[1]. Filler won and maintained sole custody of his children during two criminal prosecutions for spousal rape and the prosecutor’s appeal to the Supreme Court[2].

Renowned private investigator TJ Ward of the Natalie Halloway Aruba case conducted a two year investigation of the Filler rape case and called it a “fabrication,” publicly criticizing prosecutor Mary Kellett’s conduct[3]. The Maine Supreme Judicial Court followed with a decision noting prosecutor’s misconduct in the case[4], and numerous complaints to the State of Maine’s Board of Overseers of the Bar followed[5].

The Filler case shed light on numerous prosecutions of innocent men[6] in this small New England community which have been dubbed “The modern day Salem witch trials”[7]. Even on the eve of Board of Overseers Commission meeting concerning prosecutor Mary Kellett’s misconduct, new charges surface of witness tampering and misinforming the Court. The misconduct resulted in a mistrial and in the office of Attorney General’s office publicly pointing at prosecutor Mary Kellett[8]. A Voice for Men, an advocacy organization, is calling for disbarment of attorney Mary Kellett by the Board of Overseers of the Bar, and for her immediate suspension in the interim by the Hancock County District Attorney Carletta Bassano.

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It is just like that Bob Dylan song "the times they are a changing" and a changing for the better. Wow,I am jazzed,this is indeed good news and everyone who signed those petitions and sent those emails this is how your hard work paid off. Give yourselves a pat on the back and a round of applause. You,me,we all did it,we FTSU specifically Kellett's. I want to thank us all who did the work to make this possible. A feminazi is going before the Maine Bar,this is an Nuremberg moment for us (I am referring to the Nuremberg trials conducted by the Americans in post WWII Germany) when we get to see the first of many feminists placed on trial for the horrible atrocities that they have committed against men and boys. The only thing I have to add further would be:Fry Kellett Fry.

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