Friday, August 19, 2011

Defeat the House version of S.968

Congressman Bob Goldlatte

It seems someone in the House has authored a version of S.968 which is the Internet Blacklist bill aka PROTECT-ID act. To give you an idea how truly bad the Internet Blacklist bill is I present the following from an email:

Congressman Bob Goodlatte, a leader in Congress on technology policy, told a crowd of over a hundred that the House is working on its own version of the Senate bill....The House bill will be introduced in the next few weeks, and hearings will be scheduled for mid-September, Goodlatte said.

The Internet Blacklist Bill -- S.968, formally called the PROTECT IP Act -- would allow the Department of Justice to force search engines, browsers, and service providers to block users' access to websites that have been accused of facilitating intellectual property infringement -- without even giving them a day in court. It would also give IP rights holders a private right of action, allowing them to sue to have sites prevented from operating.

If this sounds like a bullshit move to you then write your Congressional Representative and tell them your displeasure about their censorship attempt. Tell them that S.968 and a House version of it is wrong and unacceptable. If you live in Congressman Bob Goldlatte's district let him know that stunts like this are unacceptable to you and if he continues to pull them you'll remember that in the voting booth.The more of us they hear from the better so email your Congressperson today.

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