Monday, October 24, 2011

Big time threat to YouTube

Congress is trying to apply the screws to YouTube,Twitter and others. I received the following from Demand Progress. Here it is:

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: New Internet Blacklist Bill Could Shut Down Twitter And Youtube!

A bit of an emergency: The rumor all over Capitol Hill is that the House version of the Internet Blacklist Bill will be introduced this week, probably on Wednesday. Our allies on the Hill say the bill's so bad that it could effectively destroy Youtube, Twitter, and other sites that rely on user-generated content by making the sites' owners legally responsible for everything their users post. Nobody will want to take that risk, so sites like Youtube and Twitter could be forced to shut down. Facebook, Myspace, and Google+ would be at risk. The cyberlocker and streaming provisions could affect your iPhone, Android, AmazonCloud, Pandora, Spotify, Grooveshark and even your email accounts. And all of this is being driven by a few major corporations who are trying to protect their private profits.
Will you use the form at right to ask your Congressmember not to cosponsor the legislation, at least until they've heard our concerns?

ALSO: We need to completely overwhelm the social networking sites with info about this legislation so we can bombard Congress with constituent contacts:

Congress is out to destroy our rights and we need to defend them so sign that petition right away and let them know we won't allow them to do so.

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