Sunday, October 16, 2011

LA goes blue for prostate cancer awareness month

NCFM Member Ray Blumhorst and Prostate Cancer Blue Lights

October 14, 2011

Grass Roots Are Looking Nice and Blue This Year (for raising awareness about prostate cancer)

Los Angeles City Hall going blue for prostate cancer awarness month

“Person by person, group by group, the prostate cancer blue movement appears to be taking root nicely.

LA City Hall is going blue for the first time ever September 16-18.

Prostate cancer advocates who have long yearned to see more blue each September as part of National Prostate Cancer Awareness month should be encouraged this year. It appears that, through pure determination and stubbornness, we are making progress. Next week in Los Angeles, major landmarks such as LA City Hall, the Capitol Records Building, Los Angeles International Airport, The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and others are lighting up blue to broadcast the message of awareness and the importance of early detection and treatment. The same is happening in Atlanta and other cities…

Ray Blumhorst is one of many American men who are shedding light on prostate cancer this year.

Ray Blumhorst

‘After cleaning my front porch fixture, and installing the new blue light bulb, I shot this photo using the camera’s self-timer. As I was taking one photo, some neighbors passed by and said, “Say cheese.” I didn’t say anything as the camera was timing down, but I think my little blue light bulb is already starting to bring some attention to the scourge of prostate cancer,” says Ray Blumhorst, who got his blue bulb up several days in advance of Prostate Cancer Awareness month.’”

You can read the rest of the article on prostate survivor Dan Zenka’s blog at click here. And, nice work Mr. Zenka… and, Mr. Blumhorst.

Source:click here

Way to go,Ray. This is a big plus for the MRM as it gets our concerns before the people. If we present our concerns to allies and neutrals we can accomplish a lot of great things. The thing is we have to turn the neutrals into allies and we have the allies assist us in pushing the MRM. As far as our enemies are concerned,fuck them and defeat them. This goes to show that activism goes a long way. We're on the right course,don't stop.


Bob said...

Did we see the NFL wearing blue for Prostate Cancer Awareness? Nope. Pussies only wear pink.

Masculist Man said...

The last real man in the NFL was Mike Ditka who did mention prostate health but this was years ago.

The NFL has become a PC nightmare since then. It's time for them to rethink things.

kaney said...

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