Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last night on the factor

One of O'Reilly's guests last night was Bill Bennett. He was there to plug his new book The Book  Of Man which chronicles the decline of men propping up society. O'Reilly was quick to blame the left and rightfully so. O'Reilly mentioned the feminists must be happy to get rid of traditional manhood but Bennett said they weren't. Bennett also went on to say that young women today are upset about the situation with men today. So that's who Bennett's working for. Having O'Reilly and Bennett discuss the so-called "man crisis" and trying to resolve it from the perspectives and biases they are bringing with them is like watching two retarded chimpanzees trying to repair a car. It is amusing but you know nothing is going to get done.

I have a 411 for O'Reilly and Bennett

Fuck off we don't need you since you don't or won't get it.

There is no "man crisis" there never was and no, space aliens have not reprogrammed our minds. Do you want to know the real deal is? Look around on this blog or any other MRA blog and read what is there in society that we hate. Misandry. Specifically institutionalised misandry which seeps into every area of society. From the government and courts,to society which contributes to the culture we live in. It is in our faces and yes we get it but unfortunately the Bennetts and O'Reillys of this world don't get it. Society is giving us the finger and we are giving it right back. We're not stupid in fact we are very smart not to fall for the lure which is dripping with misandry. We live in a society that views us as cannon-fodder for their wars at best and criminals at worst. When assholes like Bennett don't care about men who were murdered by their system like Thomas Ball and Wilbur Street were then I don't care what happens to assclowns like Bennett.

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Dulantha said...

The real crisis is eliminating gender specifications and complicating the sexuality by feminists. Feminists do not like both men who are really masculine and women who are really feminine. They do not consider that there is a psychological factor of sex. Most of feminists are non feminine and some of them are female transsexuals. And also most of feminists are not straight in sexual orientation. They are either lesbians or bisexual.