Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My repsonse to Jezebel

It seems that we have Jezebel's attention and in true feminist fashion they get it wrong. Beginning with my screen name which is "Masculist Man" not "Masculist Male". I tried to correct them but my post wouldn't go through. I tried 3 times. It's either a technical glitch or feminists playing their chickenshit game "bait and censor" where they bait you into responding and when you do they either delete your post or prevent you from responding. This is a chickenshit game women play and it costs them tremendous amounts of respect and then they wonder why men don't respect them. If this was a neutral site I would give them the benefit of the doubt but this was on the Jezebel site and we all know that site is far from neutral. I'm not the only one to discuss the wikipedia situation A Voice For Men also covered it and what the posters on A Voice For Men wrote is a whole lot more credible than anything to come from feminists. They also posted this as well and I even posted where wikipedia is getting a pro-feminist attitude. Since Anna North wants to post inaccurate quotes to discredit us (a pathetic attempt I might add) let's see what was really said in this article:

These Campus Ambassadors are the first face of the Wikimedia movement that most students have seen, and 27 of the 59 Campus Ambassadors this term (that’s 46%) are women. At Indiana University Bloomington, for example, six Campus Ambassadors assist three classes of students — and five of them are women.

Chanitra’s and Beth’s views are echoed across their cohort. They don’t focus on being role models for female students. Instead, they try to ease all students into the joys of editing Wikipedia — and closing the gender gap is a nice side effect of their work.

And it’s not just Campus Ambassadors closing the gender gap. More than half of the 600 students contributing to Wikipedia through the Public Policy Initiative this term are women. Two classes feature an all-women roster: women’s college Simmons’ “Public Relations Seminar” and Georgetown University’s “Women and Human Rights.”

Source:click here

North says this is not about women. Bullshit,it is ALL about women. Jezebel,like other feminist sites,is staffed by liars who couldn't tell the truth even if their reputations were on the line. MRA sites such as mine or Paul Elam's or Welmer's are a lot more reputable than any feminists sites are. If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that is true.

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