Monday, March 11, 2013

Boycott the vote

From one of my readers regarding elections in his area:

There is a special election for state senator for my district (district 32-California)I because the former one was elected to Congress. The candidates are:

  • Paul Vincent Avila

  • Joanne T. Gilbert

  • Kenny Coble

  • Paul S. Leon

  • Larry Walker

  • Norma J. Torres

  • The only ones I could contact were:

  • Paul Leon

  • Larry Walker

  • Norma J. Torres

  • The following email was sent to the above three:

    I am a men's rights activist or MRA and I advocate for men's issues and concerns. I was just at your website and I was wondering where you stand on issues that effect men. For instance:

    1. When men and women are arrested for the same crime the man receives a harsher sentence than the woman or if she has teamed up with a man she can play the victim and testify against him even though they are equals. Not only that but when the death penalty is on the table women are spared the death penalty while men are not. Also women's prisons are much nicer than men's prisons. Does this sound fair to you? It doesn't to us.

    2. When it comes to anti-male laws such as VAWA only men are arrested and prosecuted while female batterers go free,also male victims are ignored. Does this sound fair to you? It doesn't to us.

    VAWA does occur at the state level as the following video will demonstrate:

    I'm sure while campaigning you've met a lot of new people. Have you met Brian Banks:

    There are lots of other California men in prison based on some trumped up rape charge and because of rape shield laws they are unable to ferret out the true nature of their accusers.

    If elected will you address and correct these inequalities and injustices men face?

    Here are some men's rights sites:

    Thank you for your time.


    Men's Rights Activist,Registered Voter
    and Concerned Citizen

    I received no replies. Nothing. I'm not going to vote. If my concerns and the concerns of my fellow brothers falls upon deaf ears then those same deaf ears do not deserve our vote. If you live in this district and you feel the same way do NOT cast a ballot instead boycott the vote.

    Excellent advice,it is something I would propose. I don't vote for misandric candidates and I'm glad this guy feels the same way.

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