Sunday, March 31, 2013

Right back at fooltrelle

I see Dave Fooltrelle doesn't leave well enough alone. While it's true I've known about his hit piece on my post Why the militancy ? for a while I didn't get to post it is because there were more serious issues to men to deal with,more serious than fooltrelle. I try to save the jokes or absurdities until last and now it's "last" time so here we go. First of all fooltrelle's crowd is either lesbian feminists or wannabes like fooltrelle. What is the first thing they did? They magnify the fuck out of an insignificant misspelling. Never once did they debate my decision with rational thought. There were some that said my math skills are questionable but keep in mind that I wrote Why the militancy in 2007. Fooltrelle did his hit piece in 2012. Now who's the idiot. Dave,do you know I wrote a Follow-up to Why the militancy? Why didn't you include it? Fear? It must be,it's in your eyes. The only poster there that made any sense was a guy by the screenname from Montreal who exposed a bigger mangina than fooltrelle. Yeah,I didn't think that would be possible either but it's true. Anyway if fooltrelle's crowd wants it that way.

To those that think I'm exaggerating about feminazis read here and here. Dispute those quotes,if you can.

Here is your fearless leader:

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