Sunday, March 17, 2013

I told you so

I look back a few years ago when I was going at it with the expatriates. How Russia and eastern Europe would be paradises for men according to them. The only good one of the bunch was Luke Skywalker-I hope he found what he was looking for. The rest will be referred to as the "rest".

To the "rest":

Way to go,bozos. I told you morons you would fuck it up. You're the same morons who fucked it up here so I know you royally shitted over there. It looks like that expatriating thing didn't work out. I knew it wouldn't because feminism is designed to be a global disaster not just an anglosphere thing. Pussy Riot and Femen now march through the streets on a mission of destruction. This wouldn't have been possible without you. Not only did you assholes fuck it up for guys like Luke Skywalker who wanted a family outside a toxic anglosphere. You also fucked it up for the men living in those regions. And for that you truly deserve the horse's ass award:

Congratulations and give your award a kiss.

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