Thursday, March 21, 2013

Steubenville and beyond

There has been a lot of coverage concerning the Steubenville rape case so here is my perspective: so what. Fine,these guys raped her so what. Men are raped on a daily basis in this country and the rest of the anglosphere. Women don't give a fuck about us so why should I give a fuck about them. Why should any man? When you see this you can see the hypocrisy of this country. What makes women so special? Is it because they can spit a womb turd out their cunts? I can shoot sperm out of my dick,so can any man but we don't get any special consideration. Women who leech off the system are more rewarded than men who contribute to it. Just look at how we treat our vets,especially war vets. The war vets,who are men,would resist invaders and actively fight them. The women,on the other hand,would probably prostitute themselves to the invaders just as women have done throughout the centuries. The reason we are in this mess is because our fathers and grandfathers were lead around by their dicks by the women. They turned away from the old teachings that taught them the evil ways of women and listened to the siren's songs and drank the aphrodisiac of destruction. They have brought us to this situation and for that they deserve the albatross around their necks. Unfortunately they are trying to pass their bullshit onto us and to that I say fuck them. I didn't partake in their crimes against the younger generation of men so I along with the rest don't deserve the burden they put upon us.

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